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How Car Passengers Can Get Money From An Orlando Car Accident

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Passenger Orlando Car Accident

Orlando Car Accident Involving Passenger Injuries & One Fatality

As an Orlando car accident attorney, sometimes I receive calls from Florida injury victims who were passengers in the car with the at-fault driver.

Just this week in the news, for example, a young man named Jacob Johnson was driving in Polk ...

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Top Ten Ways To Get The Most Money After Any Car Accident

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Top Ten Ways To Get The Most Money From Your Car Accident Case

If you were injured by another person in a car accident, you are entitled to money, if they have enough insurance coverage.  Question is: how much?  Right after an accident, the answer is usually unknown.  However, you can increase the value of your case, after the accident.  That probably surprises you.  But it’s completely true.  Here’s how.

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Who Is To Blame In Florida Head-On Auto Crash Collisions?

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Who Is To Blame For Head-On Car & Truck Crash In Orlando, Florida?

There are always many heartbreaking auto crash collisions in the news in Orlando, Florida.  Many people may not understand exactly who is to blame in these auto crashes.  If they occur at high speeds, as they often do, fatalities are sadly very common.

Car Hits Truck Accident in Lake County

Just this past week, a head-on collisions involving fatality was in the news.  I thought I would explain ...

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