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Motorcycle Helmet Usage: How Not Wearing Changes Case Value

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Why You Should Wear Your Motorcycle Helmet In Orlando

As an Orlando motorcycle accident attorney, I know that Florida’s motorcycle helmet law can be confusing.  So I wanted to explain that although many bikers aren’t required to wear helmets, there are still legal reasons why you should.  If you suffered head trauma in your motorcycle accident, then the defense will have an argument that you were partly to blame for your injuries.  That doesn’t mean you can’t recover any money. ...

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Orlando Motorcycle Accident: Who’s To Blame?

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Orlando Motorcycle Accidents: Who’s To Blame?

As an Orlando motorcycle accident attorney, sometimes I get phone calls from people wondering about potential accident liability.  When that happens, my job is to explain when the law holds other drivers accountable, and when it doesn’t.  That always depends, plain and simple, on who caused the accident, regardless of whether the offending vehicle was a motorcycle, car, truck, bus, or even bicycle.

Also, Orlando motorcycle accident cases vary tremendously in their value. That ...

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Top Ten Ways To Get The Most Money After Any Car Accident

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Top Ten Ways To Get The Most Money From Your Car Accident Case

If you were injured by another person in a car accident, you are entitled to money, if they have enough insurance coverage.  Question is: how much?  Right after an accident, the answer is usually unknown.  However, you can increase the value of your case, after the accident.  That probably surprises you.  But it’s completely true.  Here’s how.

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