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Top Ten Ways To Get The Most Money After Any Car Accident

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Top Ten Ways To Get The Most Money From Your Car Accident Case

If you were injured by another person in a car accident, you are entitled to money, if they have enough insurance coverage.  Question is: how much?  Right after an accident, the answer is usually unknown.  However, you can increase the value of your case, after the accident.  That probably surprises you.  But it’s completely true.  Here’s how.

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What Can One Car Accident Teach Us About Case Value?

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To illustrate the potential value of  a car accident, along with some pitfalls that might negatively impact the final outcome, I thought sharing an interesting reported case might be helpful.  This was not my case but will give you some idea of the ultimate resolution of car accident cases (assuming you hire a lawyer who will file a lawsuit–and fair warning NOT all of them will). My ...

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Florida Slip & Fall Settlement Amounts

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Recently I completed an extensive research project regarding all reported slip and fall settlement and verdict amounts after July of 2010 (when Florida’s slip and fall statute changed for the worse, at least from the plaintiffs’ perspective).  However, many slip and fall settlements are never reported, which makes the list below incomplete and therefore misleading in some important ways.  Essentially, many injury attorneys do not report values “in the middle.”  They rarely report cases valued under 1 million.  So, ...

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