How To Find The Best Personal Injury, Auto Accident Or Wrongful Death Attorney, By Mitch Jackson

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Sometimes someone says something so amazing about you that, despite being humble and not wanting to toot your own horn, you just have to share.

How Can You Find The Best Personal Injury, Auto Accident Or Wrongful Death Attorney?

On that note, today I was thrilled to read an online comment by one of California’s best personal injury and wrongful death attorneys, Mitch Jackson.  Over the last year, I have grown to know and respect Mitch a great deal, through his appearance on an online lawyer show (“Legally Speaking,”) which I co-hosted with South Carolina attorney Stephan Futeral (when Mitch was undeniably one of our best guests ever!), as well as numerous public and private online messages.  During an online discussion yesterday, Mitch Jackson shared his thoughts on how to find the best personal injury, auto accident, slip and fall or wrongful death attorney.

Why Any Seriously Injured Person Should Not Ignore Trial Attorney Mitch Jackson’s Advice

Best-of-Best 2Mitch Jackson is one of the very best choices for referring any serious personal injury or wrongful death cases to California, or really anywhere in his region. In fact, I recently ask him about a potential wrongful death client from Washington state, secretly hoping he would take the case, despite his only being licensed in California!  Mitch is also very active in training young lawyers, as well as utilizing social media to spread his message regarding the importance of great communication skills, and his tips on finding the best personal injury, auto accident, medical malpractice, slip and fall, products liability or wrongful death attorney.  I have learned a great deal from being his friend, following his videos and blogs, and strongly believe he is one of the best lawyers in the entire state of California.  Mitch has won numerous impressive awards, including the 2013 California Litigation Lawyer of the Year and 2009 Orange Country Trial Lawyer of the Year.  Mitch Jackson is one of the best trial attorneys in the entire country as far as I’m concerned.  My strong impression, based on engagement with him and many other attorneys from around the country, is that all of his other colleagues and even his adversaries fully agree.

Trial Attorney Mitch Jackson’s Words Of Wisdom

Therefore, you can imagine my delight when I read Mitch’s advice regarding how to find the best personal injury, auto accident, or wrongful death attorney.  Here’s what the maestro had to say (you can also read his comment here):

Finished trailing all week for trial (no available courtrooms so it didn’t happen) and have several additional thoughts on this topic. Here’s the deal. Larry’s interview was limited to a short period of time. The bottom line when it comes to hiring a lawyer to help you with your personal injury or wrongful death case is that that lawyer you end up selecting has the drive, desire and ability to help.

Every lawyer is different and these traits have little to do with how long someone has been practicing law. In fact, a new lawyer who has just passed the bar may have a deep driving passion inside of him or her that makes up for inexperience. He or she will spend the time to do the research to make sure the client is well taken care of.

An experience and highly rated lawyer may also have these qualifications or, may be burnt out on the practice of law, and therefore do a lousy job for his client.

Other lawyers who are excellent practitioners, but who in the past have not handled many cases involving personal injury or wrongful death, may do an excellent job helping a victim of personal injury or a family experiencing a wrongful death. 

It all comes down to the individual lawyer and what their unique skill sets are. So long as prospective clients due their due diligence (the video was simply intended to share 9 ways this can be done), then that client will increase their likelihood of finding the right lawyer for his or her case.

How To Find The Best Personal Injury Attorney By Mitch JacksonOne friend of mine, Tina Willis, is an outstanding lawyer based out of Orlando, Florida. Tina helps people and families experiencing personal injury and wrongful death. In many cases she will bring in co-counsel to provide a heightened level of service to clients that many lawyers are simply unable to do. She’s a smart, experienced lawyer, who understands and appreciates the importance of protecting the rights of the injured consumer. And if you’re in need of a lawyer who cares, “gets it” and has the ability and resources to help you with your Orlando based case, then Tina is exactly the type of lawyer who I would recommend that you hire right away.

Get a quality lawyer, like Tina, to help you, and you’ll be in good shape.

One more thing. Over time, most lawyers will receive one or more awards and ratings. Having said that, what’s even more important for consumers to know is the ability and reputation of that lawyer earned over that same period of time. My 9 steps are simply one way of helping you do just that.

As with any profession or occupation, it all comes down to the consumer doing his or her due diligence and then, when that consumer finds the right lawyer, it comes down to that lawyer doing the very best possible job for the client.

As an added bonus, he also tweeted this:

Sure do enjoy watching Florida attorney @tinawillislaw help her clients each and every day!​

Thank You Mitch!  Besides being a phenomenal trial attorney, and an unstoppable force against insurance companies and corporate defendants, you are way too kind!  Thanks also to bankruptcy attorney Cathy Moran, for starting the conversation in the first place.

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Tina Willis is a Florida & Georgia personal injury & wrongful death attorney. This includes auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, products & premises liability cases, as well as medical malpractice cases. Ms. Willis operates a boutique law firm from Orlando, Florida, focused on maintaining a reasonable case load so that she can provide personalized service to each and every one of her clients. She spends a tremendous amount of time helping her clients understand how they can help increase the value of their cases, sometimes significantly. After graduating second in her class from Florida State University College of Law in 1995, Ms. Willis worked as an attorney for two large Atlanta defense firms, where she practiced employment and excess insurer defense. Ms. Willis also worked as a professor of Civil Procedure & Advanced Legal Writing at Barry University in Orlando, Florida. Ms. Willis has a "superb" AVVO rating, and was selected by the National Trial Lawyers, as a "Top 100 Trial Lawyer." She now devotes her passion and compassion to her unwavering goal of helping her clients fully achieve the justice they deserve, in the form of maximum compensation for their injuries and losses. Before you hire another law firm, you owe it to yourself to hear what Ms. Willis has to say. Consultations and representation never cost you a penny until she wins your case.
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