Thanks For These Tweets From My Attorney Friends Around The Country!

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Tweets From Some Of My Attorney Friends From Around The Country

As an Orlando personal injury, I became active on Google Plus maybe a year and a half ago, because Google offered a number of search benefits to active users.  I’ve mostly stayed away from Twitter until a week or two ago, when Google announced that they will begin indexing tweets in their search.  Since I’m becoming slightly more active on that platform, at least whenever I have time, I thought you might enjoy reading some tweets recently directed my way, including the serious and not-so-serious variety.  I may update this page over time for really awesome tweets, so please find me on Twitter and check back!

Thanks James Novak, Tempe & Mesa Arizona’s Finest Criminal Defense Attorney!

Again, Thank You!

Very kind of you Mr. Fishman, Philadelphia’s Greatest Criminal Defense Attorney!

Not sure what to say to Marc Ensign, who is a nationally recognized blogger, speaker & consultant whose stated mission is to save the Internet.

Thanks Ted Brooks, high profile national personal injury trial consultant!

Thanks very much Eric Deeter, a nationally recognized home business entrepreneur consultant.  As I said, 140 characters is going to be a challenge.  My court brief titles are usually far longer.  

Thanks very much to Jason Frasca, book author, and entrepreneur, business & Evernote consultant.

Great advice from outstanding Chicago injury attorney Matt Willens.

Even as an attorney, being recognized on social media is a wonderful thing!  

Please tell me, are you, or is your business, active on Twitter?

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