Be Safer This Holiday Season By Claiming Your Free Uber Gift Card

Free Uber Gift CardAs an Orlando auto accident lawyer, one of the things that makes me the most nervous around the holidays is the thought of drunk drivers on the roads after holiday parties.  I wish the reality weren’t that we have many more serious accidents on the roadways during and after major holidays.  For that reason, this year we thought we would try giving away free Uber gift cards, to try to inspire everyone not to drink and drive around the holidays this year.

Tragic Thanksgiving Accident This Year

Just a few weeks ago, when my husband and I were driving from Orlando to Vero Beach, for Thanksgiving, we were stuck on the Florida Turnpike for about 3 hours, standing still.  It was very obvious something terrible had happened.  When we finally passed the accident spot, there was a tarp covering the body of a motorcycle rider who probably had been en route to his own family’s Thanksgiving dinner.  He had a friend, another motorcycle rider, who was also seriously injured, and taken to the hospital that same day.

When we finally arrived 3 hours late to dinner, we learned that another family member had been right behind the accident, which involved two motorcycle riders.  She actually provided assistance to the riders, while they waited for the ambulance to arrive.  Needless to say, that type of accident is never going to end well.

There were several other fatal accidents around Thanksgiving, including one involving a semi-truck, and box truck, where the box truck driver died.  And there were at least two other tragic Thanksgiving day accidents.  One involved an SUV rolled several times, killed one passenger, and injured several other people, including children.  Both allegedly involved sudden lane changes.

Semi-truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents, are always among the worst injury accidents — often leading to serious disability or accidental death, for obvious reasons.  Motorcycle riders are very exposed and semi-trucks have massive power, size, and force.

Drunk Driving A Serious Problem Around The Holidays

I have no idea whether alcohol was involved in any of the accidents mentioned above.  It probably wasn’t.  But drinking and driving around the holidays always leads to similarly tragic accidents.

I’ve always been afraid whenever we have to drive on the roads late at night after holiday parties.  This is because I know that drunk drivers can literally be coming head-on, in our lane of traffic.  Statistically, that is much more likely late at night, and on holidays.

Inspiration For This Giveaway, To Try To Prevent Drinking And Driving in Orlando, Florida

These recent tragic accidents have inspired me to start a program to giveaway $10 Uber gift cards.  I am hoping that I can inspire other businesses to participate.  If that’s possible, then we will add more gift card recipients to the list.

These will be given to the first Orlando, Florida residents who register (you can opt-in or out of future email giveaways), by providing their email below, while supplies last.  Surrounding city residents are also welcome to participate.  If you are selected, you will need to provide proof of Central Florida residency.  Then your $10 gift card will be emailed to you, before December 31, 2019, just in time to keep you safer on the roads for New Year’s Eve 2018.

Our hope is that you will use these if you have had too much to drink, so shouldn’t be driving.  This is one small step toward keeping us all safer on the roads.

If you are a Florida business, and would like to participate (and have your business name featured below), please notify us in the contact form.  Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.  We would love to work with other businesses to increase awareness of this dangerous problem, to help Orlando area residents stay safe this year!