Why Some Morgan & Morgan Reviews From Orlando Clients Are Wrong

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Some Morgan & Morgan Reviews From Orlando Clients Are Wrong

Morgan & Morgan Law Firm Reviews


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Morgan & Morgan is an Orlando, Florida based personal injury law firm.  There are a long list of Orlando client Morgan & Morgan reviews on several websites, which I read through a few days ago.

I am also an Orlando personal injury attorney.  But I have never worked for Morgan & Morgan, and don’t even know anyone who has ever worked there.

But it was clear to me that some of the Morgan & Morgan reviews are based on a misunderstanding of how Orlando car accident lawyers must handle cases.  Since those related to all Orlando personal injury attorneys, I wanted to explain.

(You might also want to read about how an Orlando car accident lawyer should handle a case on my Orlando car accident lawyer page.  That’s my Car Accident 101 page, and includes everything from how different law firms handle cases, to how your medical treatment will get paid (and how to get your bills reduced).  I give each of my clients extra special attention, with the goal of helping them achieve the most money possible from their Orlando car accident case.  To read more on that subject, check out my article regarding the top ten ways to get the most money from your Orlando car accident.)

First Category Of Misguided Orlando Morgan & Morgan Reviews

Some Orlando Morgan & Morgan reviews suggested that the firm shouldn’t charge their clients a percentage of the clients’ recovery.  Rather, at least one reviewer suggested that the firm should give 100% of any settlement to their clients, and find some other way of paying for the attorneys’ work.

There are a long list of reasons why these particular comments are simply wrong.

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Contingent Attorneys Fees Are Typical In Orlando Car Accident Cases

First, although Orlando personal injury attorneys are legally permitted to charge less than 33% (pre-suit) or 40% (after filing suit), I do not know any attorneys who charge less.  Most accident lawyers, including me, will not discount their fees.

As I explained before, typical car accident attorney fees are 33% pre-suit, and 40% if the attorney must file a lawsuit.  In fact, the Florida bar FORM contingency agreement has these exact numbers.

Having Orlando Injury Clients Keep 100% Would Be Impossible Unless The Lawyer Were Willing To Work For Free

I do not know any Florida personal injury attorneys who are able to give their client 100 percent. The reason is that the only way for attorneys to get paid, without charging Orlando clients an hourly or flat-rate fee, is to subtract their fee from the client’s recovery.

As the granddaughter of an Orlando grove foreman who raised me, I sincerely wish there were some other way for me to get paid.  I am extremely sensitive to the financial concerns of my clients.  So I truly wish there were some way for me to get paid without charging my clients, who were injured through no fault of their own.  There just isn’t.  Laws could be passed to change the way we get paid.  But, until they are, there is no other way for an accident victim to hire a lawyer.

How Orlando Corporations & Insurance Companies Pay Attorneys

As a young associate just after law school graduation, I worked for a large corporate & insurance defense law firm.  Our clients paid very large retainers before we started work, usually many thousands of dollars.  Then we would charge them hourly for all work performed, regardless of the outcome.  In other words, even if we lost, they still had to pay.

This may seem unfair, except lawyers can’t possibly know, when they are first hired, what will happen over the years when a lawsuit might be pending.  We don’t know what we will learn during the case, such as what witnesses will say, what expert doctors will say, whether the clients’ injuries will heal, and to what extent, whether our client will testify truthfully, and what documents will show.  We can only do our best work, after spending many months (or years) learning the law and facts of any case.  So we have to charge for our work either way.  Kind of like a doctor charges you to treat cancer, regardless of the outcome.

In any event, unlike insurance and corporate lawyers, Orlando personal injury lawyers work on a contingent basis.  That means that our getting paid is contingent on a successful case outcome.  If we collect no money for you, we get paid nothing.  Contingent fee payment is the only way to provide legal service without requiring a large up front retainer.  The risk of doing the work is then shifted from our clients to us.  This actually a huge benefit to our clients, most of whom could not otherwise afford to hire an attorney.

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Orlando Car Accident Lawyers Take A Lot Of Risk

Additionally, Orlando personal injury attorneys often don’t know whether we will recover anything when a client hires us.  That means sometimes we work completely for free.  For example, we typically recover very little money, if any, if someone completely heals after a car accident.  But we still take some of those cases.  For example, if we believe that the victim might have a serious, but invisible, neck or back injury.  But we can’t know the extent of the person’s injuries when we first sign them up.  A doctor must evaluate and treat for an extended period, before we know whether the person will heal, or not.

In other words, in every case, we risk our time.  We risk getting paid nothing.  That risk, which we take in all cases, requires that we get paid a good percentage for those cases where we are successful. Otherwise, we would literally go out of business.  There is no government agency paying our bills.  We are businesses, just like any other business, and must make a profit to stay open.

There are many aspects to these reviews that I wanted to explore.

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