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Because we have operated from day one with a low volume mindset, we are only able to accept serious personal injury, accident, and wrongful death cases. This means most of our clients have either had surgery, or were in an accident serious enough that they are likely to need ongoing medical care, such as extended physical therapy, but usually injections, often surgery, and sometimes lifelong care. In the very worst accidents, we represent the family members of those who passed away, to help them get some financial security, while they are dealing with unimaginable grief.

Below is a summary of the types of cases we handle, with links to pages with more information about each type of potential claim.

If you don’t love reading, then please give us a call or text at (407) 803-2139, to get personalized information about how to maximize the value of your case. You can also send an email to [email protected].

Ms. Willis, and a few very experienced lawyers on her team, provide free consultations to those who might have cases that meet our criteria for acceptance. We speak with potential clients immediately if at all possible. If not, then we return calls, texts & emails quickly (again IF we think we can help based on what happened in your case — we cannot reply to all inquiries because we receive too many), usually within a few hours (maximum one business day, if we can handle your case). Please be just a little patient if we have to call you back!

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Florida Wrongful Death Lawsuits

We have handled many wrongful death cases, so have a dedicated website specifically dealing with the requirements of Florida wrongful death lawsuits. Very generally speaking, if one of your close family members was tragically killed, and someone else was responsible, you should thoroughly explore whether you meet Florida’s statutory requirements for filing a wrongful death lawsuit. These requirements vary depending on whether the cause of death was medical malpractice, where the requirements are very stringent, or an auto accident, where they are less so.

Other types of injury cases are very similar, but can be divided into several different sub-types, including:

Orlando Car Accidents

About half of our case load involves car accidents (with the other half being other types of personal injury cases — most issues are very similar in all types of injury cases). For this reason, we have developed a system for handling these cases very aggressively from day one. Our process starts with Ms. Willis speaking with every injured person at length. She personally explains to ALL of our clients how to get the most money from their accident cases. (If she is unavailable for some reason, then another very experienced lawyer will start the process — but Ms. Willis is available to speak with any of her clients, anytime, which is a big distinction in the normally high volume world of Orlando personal injury law.) This often involves a lengthy consultation answering questions, and also gathering information that will help us prove an accident case in court (such as what type of evidence might exist, for example witnesses, vehicle black boxes, intersection information, insurance information, medical treatment information, and the like).

Once we meet any new client, after we have explained the process, we next contact the insurance company, to notify them that we represent you, get insurance coverage amounts, and make sure they are saving any evidence we might need later. We also evaluate what, if any, other insurance policies might exist (we have seen cases where major law firms have overlooked million dollar policies, so this is not a small step). Then we start collecting evidence, and waiting for your medical treatment to resolve, so that we can either settle your case pre-suit, if that makes sense, or file a lawsuit, if needed. Lawsuits are generally needed when the injuries and treatment are the most serious, and the available insurance amount is high.

Car accidents have many nuances to them. To understand more, you can read our Orlando car accident lawyer page, which explains the entire process from beginning to end, including what happens during car accident lawsuits, how we get the most money, and other important parts of any car accident case. Or you could just call or text us now, for your free car accident consultation, at (407) 803-2139.

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Florida Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are very similar to car accidents in many ways, because the methods we use to prove the seriousness of the injuries are the same.

Proving the seriousness of injuries caused by semi-truck accidents, which insurance companies usually dispute, involves talking with our clients about their medical care, then telling them what types of evidence in their records will lead to the most money in their case. We also extensively review medical records, before and after the accident, and, in case of disputed, serious injuries, sometimes will work with your doctors to get their testimony in your case. As you might imagine, proving the extent and seriousness of an injury involves the same process, whether the injury was caused by a car or truck accident. So that part of any accident case is the same.

But truck accidents are also vastly different because we can prove fault for the accident using many other techniques, if a semi-truck caused the accident. Semi-trucks are highly regulated, so 18 wheeler companies often have more extensive documentation, for things like driver working hours, personnel records, vehicle maintenance records, and the like. Semi-trucks also have black boxes, which can provide a wealth of information about the moments right before and during the crash.

The good thing about semi-truck regulations is that, if a semi-truck company violated the rules (and they often do), then proving fault for the accident actually becomes much easier. Basically we can argue to the jury that they broke a safety rule, which makes them look bad, and makes the jury more likely to find them at fault.

For example, if their driver had a history of reckless driving arrests or tickets, that makes their company look like they didn’t care about safety on the roads. Similarly, if the driver had been driving longer hours than the federal trucking regulations permit, we can argue that they were likely too tired, which probably contributed to the accident.

There are many other nuances of truck accident cases, which you can read on our Florida truck accident lawyer page.

Or you can just call or text us for your free trucking accident consultation with an experienced lawyer, either right now, or as soon as we can possibly call you back. You can call or text (407) 803-2139 anytime.

Motorcycle Accidents In Orlando, Florida

Similar to trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents have some legal differences between car accidents. They also lead to some of the most serious injuries.

Motorcycle accident riders have special road handling techniques, which we understand, and can use to prove fault in your accident. For example, sometimes a rider can’t stop quickly. Or other drivers might not see him or her, when they had a duty to look more carefully, which leads to many accidents.

There are also special insurance requirements for motorcycles, but the at-fault vehicle driver often has insurance coverage that comes into play.

If you would like to read more about how motorcycle accidents are different from car accidents, please keep reading on our Orlando motorcycle accident attorney page.

Or you could just call or text us, for a free, individualized assessment of your case, from an experienced, and award-winning motorcycle wreck lawyer. Call or text anytime at (407) 803-2139. We try to take calls immediately if at all possible. If not, please be patient because we return calls for serious injury cases as soon as we possibly can, often within minutes or just a couple of hours.

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Slip & Fall Accidents In Orlando, Florida

We handle many slip & fall accidents against businesses, home owners, apartment complexes, supermarkets, drug stores, and many other business establishments.

Slip & fall accidents can lead to serious injuries, such as broken bones requiring surgery, and even brain & spinal cord injuries, which can be fatal. However, because insurance companies can always argue that a person wasn’t watching where they were going, these cases have many challenges. There is also a very pro-business statute that makes proving certain types of slip and fall cases very challenging (this statute only applies to falls caused by “transitory foreign objects,” which means some temporary object on the floor caused you to fall).

Overall, Florida’s slip and fall statute means that it is NOT AUTOMATIC that businesses will be liable for injuries on their property. Instead, we have to PROVE that the business was negligent in some way. An example might be that their employees spilled something on the floor, and didn’t clean that up. Or they built something that wasn’t to code, like pavers that were totally uneven (uneven floor cases are often dismissed by courts, but there are exceptions when the obstacle was severe and obvious, like a 5 inch paver off the ground).

We love seeing photos in slip and fall cases, as it existed on the day of the fall. But we can sometimes prove that the business had fault without photos.

Common causes of slip & fall accidents are:

  • poor lighting
  • bad construction of floors, decks, stairs or pavement
  • obstacles placed on the ground by others, like a wire left across the floor by a worker
  • wet floor after mopping without wet floor signs
  • failure to clean spills of food, grease, or other liquid
  • renovations or construction that led to obstacles being placed in walkways

Because these cases require extensive work to prove fault, we are only able to consider slip and fall cases when the injured person urgently needs, or has already had, surgery, or worse. If you would like to learn more about slip and fall cases in Florida, please keep reading at our Orlando slip and fall accident lawyer page.

Or just call or text us, to get a personalized evaluation of your slip and fall case, by an experienced & award-winning slip and fall lawyer, at (407) 803-2139. Please do remember that we cannot accept slip and fall cases that led to injuries that will not require surgery or worse.

Florida Negligent Security (aka Criminal Attacks On Business Property)

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for Orlando residents and visitors to be the victims of criminal attacks in our city. If someone were victimized on business property, then there is a chance the business owner might be liable. However, liability is not guaranteed. The business owner is only liable if / when we can prove that the business owner had poor security, and really should have known better (which usually requires that similar crimes happened at the same location in the past).

In those situations, we pursue a claim called negligent security, which is a legal claim that attempts to hold the property owner responsible, based on the theory that they should have had better security.

To pursue these cases, we must investigate whether the property had prior crimes, then what security measures the property owner had in place. Once we know those two things, we have a much better idea whether a negligent security lawsuit would be successful.

Typical crimes that may lead to a negligent security case are robbery, sexual assault, physical assault, and even murder.

If you would like to read more about negligent security, including examples of poor security, and how these cases are handled in court, please visit our Florida negligent security attorney page.

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Florida Medical Malpractice

The bad news about medical malpractice is that someone must be catastrophically injured, or have lost a loved one, for us to even consider the case. Even then, there must be a clear reason to believe the doctor, hospital, or other medical provider, made a mistake. (For wrongful death caused by medical malpractice, only certain survivors can recover.) However, certain cases are clear, and tragic. In those cases, we can help.

If you would like to know more, please read our Florida medical malpractice page.

What If Your Accident Happened Outside Orlando, Florida?

Ms. Willis is licensed in Florida & Georgia, so handles cases throughout both states. She provides the same level of service to ALL of her clients, regardless of where they are located. Many of her clients were visiting on vacation, so have returned home to another state.

We provide extensive phone consultations to all of our clients. And we have an electronic signing system that will allow you to conveniently sign all documents by email and a few simple clicks. We strive to make your life easy!

What & When Do You Have To Pay Us?

You never have to pay us one penny unless and until we recover money for you. We also advance all costs (such as copying fees, court filing fees), and those are reimbursed at the end of your case (again, you don’t have to pay them, if we don’t recover money for you).

Our fees are standard in the industry, and follow Florida Bar rules regarding permissible fees.

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Please Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer Tina Willis.

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We reject the high volume mentality that unfortunately is the norm in this practice area, so our clients are never left speaking with overworked assistants, paralegals, or “investigators.” Instead, we spend the time needed to make sure our clients know what we plan to do, as well as how they need to help, mostly by how they should proceed through treatment, but also by getting us any evidence or information within their control. This is extremely important at the very beginning of the case, as evidence that isn’t gathered often disappears.

If you have the type of case that we normally handle, we will provide a free, extended consultation with an experienced lawyer, taking whatever time is needed to make sure you understand all of your options.

We try to speak with all potential clients immediately. Whenever that is not possible, we usually return calls within minutes or a few hours. At most, we will return all calls within one (1) business day, if the case meets our criteria for possible acceptance. (Unfortunately, due to high call volume, and a low case mentality, we are unable to return all calls. We WILL call you back if we think we can help. Please be patient through that one business day of waiting — our informative consultations, and hard work on every single case, will be worth that short wait!)

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