Orlando Personal Injury Attorney, Tina Willis

Orlando-Personal-Injury-Attorney-Best-PhotoI am very different from most Orlando personal injury attorneys.

Here’s what’s invaluable. I spend the time needed at the beginning of the case to tell each of my client’s exactly how to get the most money from their case. Although case settlements and verdicts can be hard to predict, we do an extensive amount of research, and have a lot of experience, helping our clients determine what value their case should be worth. This helps us inform our clients whether an insurance company offer is reasonable, or not.

Many Central Florida injury & accident law firms have paralegals handling all aspects of every case, rather than having a lawyer explain how you can get the most money.

Please read our many 5 star reviews (many of which were deleted by Google).

Before My Days As An Orlando Injury Lawyer

I graduated from Florida State University College of Law, back in 1995, 2nd in my law school class. Then, I worked as a big firm defense attorney, very often on cases valued more than one or several million dollars. I also worked as a law professor at Barry University, and have since won many awards.

Unique Low Case Load Approach

My days working in large defense firm taught me the value of telling clients exactly what they needed to get the most money from their cases. So I still provide exceptionally personalized service. Many of my clients have called me complaining about not being able to speak with attorneys at other firms. I am an Orlando personal injury attorney with a low volume case approach, which allows me to give all of my clients as much attention as their case needs. During every initial consultation, I explain what to expect, how to get the most money, and how the entire process works. You will feel comfortable about what should happen, when, and why, as soon as we talk.

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My Personal Background

Tina-Childhood-HomeMy grandparents raised me, and we were very poor when I was growing up. You can see my childhood home on the right. (That house is, amazingly, still standing in a very poor neighborhood in Winter Garden.) My Grandfather was a foreman in an orange grove, and my Grandmother stayed home with me. Although we didn’t have a lot of money, they were both very smart and kind. They convinced me that anyone can accomplish anything. And that everyone deserves fair treatment and justice.

Because I had to overcome that background with no connections whatsoever to the legal world, I felt that I needed to work harder in law school than most of my peers (which is how I graduated second in my class), and have done equally well as a lawyer. That hard working mentality has never left me.

More importantly, I can relate to anyone. I am a very down-to-Earth person. So I spend whatever time is needed to make sure each of my clients understands what will happen in their case. Also, I explain everything in simple terms. So you will understand everything that affects case value we finish our first meeting. There are some things about your case that you can’t change. But, if the accident and your injuries are bad enough, and there is sufficient insurance coverage, YOUR actions after the accident can significantly increase your case value. But many injury & accident lawyers will not spend the time to explain why that is true to you, and how you can help raise the value of your case.

Orlando Personal Injury Attorney With Uniquely Stellar Academic Background

Orlando Florida Personal Injury Attorney Tina Willis Perfect 10 Superb AVVO RatingDuring law school, I earned many prestigious academic awards and appointments. What that means for your purposes is that I care about doing a good job, and I’m smart enough to get it done right.

My Work As A Young Associate Attorney

After law school, I worked in two large corporate defense firms, practicing insurance and employment law defense. I also had a low case load at those firms, which is why I know that approach leads to the best client outcomes.


I have been a member in good standing of the Georgia Bar Association since 1997, and a member of the Florida Bar Association since 2012. I am also a member of the Florida Justice Association, which is the premier Florida trial lawyer association, and the American Association of Justice, which is the leading nationwide group of attorneys advocating for change in laws helping injured victims across the country.

Orlando Personal Injury Attorney With Many Outstanding Awards

I have been a member of the Georgia Bar since 1997 and the Florida Bar since 2012. I have received the following awards:

  • selected as the “Best of the Best” Personal Injury Lawyers (an award which goes to only .05% of the 1.3 million lawyers nationwide);
  • selected as a “Top Rated Lawyer in Florida” by Lawyers of Distinction;
  • selected a “Ten Best Female Lawyers” in Florida, by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys;
  • selected as one of the “10 Best Florida Lawyers,” by the American Institute of Legal Counsel;
  • selected as a National Trial Lawyers as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer;
  • selected as a “10 Best” Client Satisfaction Award, from the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys;
  • member of the Million Dollar Advocates Club (fewer than 1% of attorneys nationwide are members);
  • member of The Top Trial Lawyers in America┬«.
  • selected by Expertise.com as one of the 20 best Orlando medical malpractice lawyers;
  • selected as a Number One Personal Injury, Car Accident & Wrongful Death Attorney By Orlando Style Magazine, based on client and other attorney ratings;
  • selected as one of the “Three Best Rated” Orlando Accident Attorneys based on handpicked selection;
  • achieved a “superb” perfect “10.0” AVVO rating as an auto accident attorney.
  • named one of Orlando’s “Ten Best” personal injury attorneys by Thumbtack rating system.
  • Accredited by the Central Florida Better Business Bureau.

Tina Willis Law Orlando Florida AwardsHow Do I Know How An Orlando Personal Injury Attorney Should Treat You?

When I first graduated from law school, I was courted by several of the largest law firms in this country, and ultimately hired by several of them. My former law firm employers include: Fisher & Phillips, Lord, Bissell & Brook (Now Locke Lord), and a couple others large defense firms. I worked as a young associate attorney defending large corporations in very high value lawsuits–including numerous lawsuits valued at over 10 million and a few even over 100 million. Our clients included some of the biggest insurance companies and corporations in the business, including even Lloyd’s of London, which often provides “excess” insurance, or coverage when the initial policy is spent on an accident lawsuit. My job when working for Lloyd’s was to oversee “regular” insurance defense attorneys.

My Teamwork Approach

I frequently co-counsel cases with another very aggressive trial lawyer because I strongly believe in the teamwork approach. We each handle those aspects of the cases that are best suited to our strong points. I have carefully selected the small group of lawyers with whom I closely work on every case. These few lawyers have won many industry awards, and some of the highest verdicts in Florida’s history. We also value strong connections in the judicial and medical community, which bring high value to our clients’ cases.

What I Think You Should Do Now

I cannot understate the critical importance of working closely with an Orlando personal injury attorney. So I urge you to either call me right away, or read my website to learn more about how personal injury cases are handled, including why having a close working relationship with an attorney is crucial to maximizing your recovery. During our initial consultation, I will spend as long as it takes telling you everything you need to know about how these cases work, and how you can help increase the amount you will recover in the end. Make no mistake, what you do after your accident can significantly increase your final recovery. But you need an Orlando personal injury attorney who will explain the steps to make that possible.

Last Piece of Advice

My parting words of advice are that you absolutely should not delay contacting me ASAP, if you or a loved one has been injured or killed as a result of any accident or the potential negligence of another person or entity. I can help you more if you call me sooner rather than later. Consultations are free & easy (especially with me, since I will talk to you on the phone or text, and you can call or text 24 hours a day). You will never pay me anything unless I recover money for you.

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