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We have had an ordeal with Google mysteriously deleting our reviews and even our entire business from local search!

So we decided to start posting our reviews here. We are a low volume law firm, focused on serious injury and wrongful death cases, only. Some of our cases take a long time to resolve. We HIGHLY recommend that you avoid law firms with hundreds or thousands of reviews. Many of those reviews are fake (and there are key indicators that reviews are fake — call us for more information) — and any firm handling thousands of clients is not the firm you want to hire.

If you were involved in a SERIOUS accident, anywhere in Florida or Georgia, we can help!

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tina willis 5 starsI almost lost my case after hiring another billboard Orlando personal injury attorney. There I had a junior lawyer working on my case. He told me that I wouldn’t get more than 2K after expenses. A friend told me to call Tina. She was prompt, professional, and responsive. We were able to settle for far more than the other lawyer said it was worth. She explained how she searched for other available policies. She has a background working court the insurance companies so she better understands what they do. She is a fighter and always had my best interest in mind. Phone consultations are free. At first I wasn’t able to talk to her because I already had a lawyer. Definitely worth calling. Lots off explaining how the process works. I think she is the best choice. Very happy with the outcome even if I didn’t get more money I would have been happier with Ms Willis. Confusing and long process but being informed really helps. You have to deal with a lot of things there is no way I could have done it alone.”

Steve Kelly

tina willis 5 stars

Tina Willis was recently voted one of the top three personal injury attorneys in Orlando, Florida. That was no mistake. Ms. Willis is a zealous advocate for those injured due to the negligence of others. She represents people in car accidents, slip & falls, wrongful death matters and medical malpractice. She is always available to her clients; returns calls and emails quickly and walks her clients through every stage of the injury claim and lawsuit. If a loved one of mine was injured in an accident in Orlando or Winter Garden, Florida, I would refer them to Tina Willis. I can’t give a colleague higher praise.”

Brian Fishman

tina willis 5 stars“You don’t ever think you will have an auto accident and get seriously injured. When we did, we didn’t know who to call. We had a friend who highly recommend Ms Willis. We felt comfortable talking to her right away. She was very patient while explaining the whole process and I felt sure she was going to take care of us, which she did. There were a few problems in the case, but she has no problem with them. I can’t say enough good things about this lawyer. A true Orlando gem!

Walter Lee

tina willis 5 starsTina Willis is a compassionate and aggressive injury attorney who demonstrates exceptional concern for her clients. One of Ms. Willis’ core principles is her commitment to serving a limited number of selected cases so that she can work more effectively with her clients to prepare their cases for trial. Ms. Willis’ publications and our conversations evidence that Ms. Willis is deeply committed to serving her clients who seek just compensation for their injuries or the wrongful death of a family member. I found her to be genuinely concerned about her clients needs beyond the injuries that they suffered. She is able to see the bigger picture and assist her clients to achieve results which are in their long term best interest. I regularly read Ms. Willis’ articles which assist trial lawyers in honing their practice and skills so that they can more effectively help their clients achieve desirable results. I wholeheartedly endorse Tina Willis and would refer a friend or relative to her with confidence.

Attorney Donald Petersen

tina willis 5 stars“Tina Willis makes sure every client is given the highest level of representation in their case, no matter how complex. I heard about Tina Willis, through a peer attorney who made it clear that this was an attorney everyone should know about and follow. My first impression of her has never changed. That is she has a “Never give up” attitude. I began following her legal writings and communications. She is passionate about her representation, works hard for her clients, is an extremely effective communicator, team player, and leader in the legal community. I was in awe at her infinite accomplishments. Her former experience as a Law Professor shows in everything she does. She has a reputation for handling the some of the most complex cases with ease including serious injuries resulting from auto accidents and other types of accidents, wrongful death cases, and general civil litigation appeals. She shows a great deal of compassion for the needs of her clients, and is a crusader for victim’s rights. She is meticulous, detail oriented. She teaches, brings the legal communities together for the common goal of providing, and sharing high quality legal resources in the area of injury prevention, and representation. Tina Willis is a strong and experienced litigator with an astute knowledge of new legislation and complicated laws. She has a reputation for handling the some of the most complex cases with ease. She shows a great deal of compassion for the needs of her clients, and is a crusader for victim’s rights. If a friend, or family member or I ever need injury legal representation in her Orlando, or Western Orange County Florida, in a heartbeat I would call Tina Willis.

Attorney James Novak

tina willis 5 stars“Highly Recommended-Scholarly, Rigorous and Empathetic: If you are facing a legal situation, as a client you will receive a consistent and higher level of quality care from this Law Firm that outmatches peers in the field of personal injury legality. With this in mind, Attorney Tina Willis’ clients are assured and protected against the natural burdens associated with filing a claim, and can find confidence in the outcome of their legal disputes.”

Pastor John Dinaso, Jr.

tina willis 5 starsTina Willis is my attorney of choice. She has never let me down. In fact, Ms. Willis has gone above and beyond my expectations. Character and integrity are very important to me. Nothing is more frustrating than trusting an attorney with your money and life situations and have them not return your calls or not hear from them for months at a time. This has NEVER happened with Tina Willis Law. If you need an attorney, desire honesty and integrity, and want knowledge and experience on your side, I highly recommend Tina Willis Law.”

Veronica Marquina

tina willis 5 starsThank you Tina and team for your personal attention to my situation! You showed that you cared not only about my case but me as a person also. Whenever anyone is in need of legal help, I always tell my experience with Tina Willis Law. They are great!! I am very happy with the results Tina and team achieved. Thanks Tina 😊”

Linda Franklin

tina willis 5 starsGreat Florida personal injury attorney who really works hard for her clients. She is incredibly smart and explains things in a way you can understand. She was always available when I had a question and got my case resolved in a timely manner and for an amount I was very happy with. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident or slip and fall, you should definitely hire her. You won’t be disappointed.”

Alexis Broadbrooks

tina willis 5 stars“If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing an Orlando personal injury attorney, I highly recommend Tina Willis. I found myself in that situation due to an accident while on vacation. I didn’t realize that I would need an attorney when the accident first happened. Soon after returning home and trying to deal with risk management regarding the accident, I realized that I was going to need some legal help. I researched online and found Tina Willis. I had a great feeling as soon as I found her, my instinct was that she was the one. I didn’t have that positive feeling from any other attorney that I had researched. And I always say never go against your instinct. I am sure glad I followed my own advice and called her. We had a phone consultation and she fully explained the process and all options available to me. She was very professional through the entire case. She returned my calls and emails promptly. She certainly did not let me down. Quite the opposite, the outcome exceeded my expectations. If you want someone that is going to work hard for you, treat you with respect and have your best interest in mind, you need Tina Willis on your side.”

Shelby Meredith

tina willis 5 stars“Wonderful person Tina is. Excellent job on my slip and fall case. Very professional and responsive to all my questions. Makes everything easy to understand in the way she explains what is going to happen and why. I called other Orlando attorneys but kept coming back to Tina Willis law website and I read almost every word on her website. Would recommend her to all my friends if they every need a car accident, or personal injury attorney (although I hope none of my friends or family need one EVER! Knock on wood. Thank you Tina Willis. :)”

Julie Simpson

tina willis 5 starsWhen I first called Attorney Willis, I had an offer of 20K on my case. Long story short, when the case was closed, we settled for 325K!! I look for results when I call a professional, and she delivered. Attorney Willis was very detailed when asking questions, giving instructions, explaining options, and, most important to me, FIGHTING when it was needed. The case had some problems and Ms. Willis told us how to deal with those. The lawyer on the other side was very tenacious but Ms. Willis did not ever back down for one second. Several times she recommended that we reject lower offers, which is why ended up with so much more money than we expected. If my family ever needs a personal injury lawyer, which hopefully they won’t, there is no doubt who I will be calling.”

John S.

tina willis 5 stars“Outstanding lawyer! We were involved in a serious car accident while on vacation. We were confused because auto insurance adjusters were calling us, and one asked us to give a sworn statement. We also had our health insurance lapse so that was a concern because we needed treatment. We knew we needed a lawyer so reached out to Ms. Willis. She was exceptional in every way, from the first time we spoke with her until the last, when we received the full value of the insurance policy that was available. She warned us about what could go wrong but made sure nothing did. Highly recommended from our experience with her!!

Liberty Rakowski

tina willis 5 stars“If you were involved in a car accident, I really believe Ms. Willis is the BEST Orlando personal injury lawyer for the job. No question in my mind. You will feel at ease as soon as you talk to her, which will happen pretty quick if she can take the case. She only accepts serious cases so you may not get through. But she’s worth a call. Very detailed in her questions, and her vast knowledge is clear from the first conversation. She is as much teacher, counselor, as advocate & fighter. A true professional who CARES about getting the best results for each of her clients. I was afraid of how to handle my situation after I was hurt but she will help you understand everything as soon as you talk to her. Absolutely great experience & highly recommended!!”

M. Hernandez

tina willis 5 starsWish I could give more than 5 stars!! The competence and guidance provided by lawyer Tina Willis was exceptional in documenting and processing the Personal Injury Claim for serious injuries that I experienced because of a car with truck accident. I believe she is the best car accident lawyer in Orlando! Tina was HIGHLY recommended by another lawyer I know very well. She does explain that Personal Injury Claims law has changed a lot, and insurance companies have changed over the last twenty years, so many other firms have developed more of a cookie-cutter approach to this type of case. That was my experience; first calling another “bigger” firm and getting the run around when I wanted to talk to someone. I can’t imagine not having the tailored advice she and her team gave me on a regular basis. Her response to questions and concerns was always considerate and thorough. It was abundantly clear that her detailed guidance was based upon extensive knowledge of legal precedent for similar incidents. She always explained more than I thought was needed, but made me very comfortable every step of the way as a result. The claims process is a real paradox with a confusing array of procedures. But Tina’s explanations were concise, easy to follow, and complete. Throughout the process she exhibited an extraordinary knowledge of the current law and precedent for insurance claims. The ultimate settlement of the injury claim, by her and her team, was skillfully thought out and negotiated with all of the underwriters and health care facilities that were involved. This was exceptional service from a professional who was always respectful and endlessly helpful. I am immensely grateful for all of her and her team’s work on my behalf, and very happy with the money in my pocket as a result!”

Felicia Calloway

tina willis 5 stars“No one ever thinks they are going to have an accident. Then it happens, you really don’t know where to turn. One of our friends had used Ms. Willis for their accident, and convinced me to talk to her first. I am so glad we did. The entire legal team and staff treated me so well. Ms. Willis called me back within a few hours, and answered all of my questions. I was really worried because the insurance company was pressuring me to call them back. But she is very compassionate. You will not be disappointed. Her and her staff answered every question I had. They really took the the time to discuss every detail of my case and every option I had available. Then they were very professional through the entire case. There were some big problems in our case but she handled them with ease. We were very pleased with the outcome. I can’t say enough good things about Ms. Willis, from start to finish. You owe it to yourself to give her a call if you were in an accident.”

Charlotte Rivers

tina willis 5 stars“Tina is an excellent attorney specializing in all areas of personal injury law. She is very accessible to existing and potential clients and treats everyone with compassion and respect. Having worked on numerous cases with Ms. Willis, I highly recommend her services.”

Attorney Jaeson Homola

tina willis 5 stars“I would not hesitate to send any close friend or family member to Tina Willis Law in Orlando for help with an auto accident or personal injury claim. Florida is a popular destination for vacationers, and though no one expects an accident to happen while traveling, it’s good to know such a caring and capable attorney is available.”

Terri Robinette

tina willis 5 starsTina Willis is a legal genius. I met her in law school in the nineties, after she had won the book award for top legal writing student. She was assigned to teach my class legal writing skills. I was impressed then and am impressed now. She has parlayed her genius into representing clients with compassion and a passion for justice. I highly recommend.”

Attorney James Fasig

tina willis 5 stars“Ms Tina really helped me a lot when I suffered a broken leg in a motorcycle accident. She was very nice and gave excellent advice. I learned a lot from my experience. She is a very talented lawyer and knows her stuff. She also was very straightforward with me and she never pushed me to make a decision on anything and left it at my choice. She is very professional and gives you all sides of how things can go with a case, but in the end she let’s the choice be yours. She was even willing to come to me if I needed it. I will definitely recommend her to anyone.”

Travis Dean

tina willis 5 stars“Tina is an excellent lawyer. She brings the skills of a law professor to break down complex issues into bite sized pieces that we can all understand.

Guy DiMartino

tina willis 5 stars“Ms. Willis is by far the most committed, compassionate, aggressive, accessible, and hardest working personal injury and wrongful death attorney in the greater Orlando area. She has an unmatched passion for justice and commitment to her clients. Ms. Willis treats each and every client like a family member. Instead of handing clients off to a case manager or paralegal, she personally and promptly responds to her clients’ texts, emails, and calls. She takes the time to talk to clients and explain issues involved in their claims and cases. As a former law professor, Ms. Willis is also uniquely suited to understand complicated legal issues and find solutions to the most complex of problems present in her clients’ cases. She is simply an incredible attorney and person who gets the best results for her clients!”

Carrie R.

tina willis 5 stars“Tina Willis is at the top of her field in car accident, personal injury and wrongful death cases. She is well known in Orlando and her participation in national lawyer issues and activities shows her prominence as a top notch attorney. Tina has a deep knowledge of the law and it shows.”

Mike Hackard

tina willis 5 stars“Tina Willis is a very knowledgeable, professional, conscientious attorney. She has provided my husband and myself with invaluable service while dealing with a few different business and personal legal issues. I can honestly say that she has always taken care to answer any and all questions we’ve had (oftentimes quite numerous!), she’s done thorough research on every issue we’ve asked for her help with, and she’s returned our calls promptly. I’ve dealt with a few attorneys through the years and she’s been the most approachable and just simply easy to talk to.”

Kimberly Bunton

tina willis 5 stars“I had questions about a Florida issue and she came all the way to Las Vegas to answer my questions. That is an amazing lawyer!!”

Michael Ehline

tina willis 5 stars“I’m a big fan of Tina Willis. She always puts the client’s best interest first. When I refer personal injury and wrongful death cases to Florida counsel (I’m a California lawyer), Tina is always one of the lawyers at the top of my recommendation list!”

Attorney Mitch Jackson | 2013 California Litigation Lawyer of the Year

tina willis 5 stars“Tina Willis is a trusted colleague, whom I have been lucky to call a friend for a number of years, her compassion and knowledge as a personal injury lawyer shines through. She truly cares about her clients, and as I have in the past, feel 100% confident in referring her anyone who has been injured because of another’s negligence. The highest compliment I can give is a referral to this exceptional lawyer. If you are involved in a car accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice or any accident at all in the Orlando, Florida area – do not hesitate to call Tina Willis!”

Attorney Ted Kaplun

tina willis 5 stars“Orlando Florida is the home of many great attractions but it is also a place where accidents can and do happen. When a car wreck, slip and fall, boat or water sport crash or any other type of mishap occurs, it is sometimes the result of negligence. That’s when knowing a great personal injury lawyer is invaluable. Tina Willis is just such an attorney. I have been practicing tort law for over 20 years and I can appreciate her skills as a litigator who truly cares about the well-being of injury victims and the families of persons killed in wrongful death episodes. I know she is a champion of justice who fights for the legal right of Floridians seeking just compensation. If you need an accident or injury lawyer in Orlando, I would suggest you give her a call for a free legal consultation.”

Attorney Steve Sweat

tina willis 5 stars

First class lawyer. Cares about and is dedicated to her clients.”

Mike H.

tina willis 5 stars“Tina Willis is a terrific Orlando personal injury lawyer. Very knowledgeable when it comes to Florida car accident law. I’m an attorney myself, many of my clients vacation in Orlando, and accident issues do come up once in a while. Tina is the first person I recommend they talk to for help.”

Attorney David Abels

tina willis 5 stars“Tina has been great to work with. She is very knowledgeable, passionate and concerned about each client she speaks with. Thank you Tina for all you do for victims of injuries throughout Florida.

Brian H.

tina willis 5 stars“If any of my New Jersey clients, friends or family are visiting or vacationing in the Orlando/Central Florida area and have the misfortune of being in an accident of any kind, Tina Willis is an attorney I recommend. Tina is committed to her clients and takes time with each one-not just at an initial meeting, but all throughout the case.. What makes her different–and better–than most lawyers is that in addition to intelligence and knowledge (which she possess in abundance), Tina also has interest in and empathy for her clients, as individuals. When you retain Tina, you get Tina, not a secretary or paralegal.”

Attorney Karim Arzadi

tina willis 5 stars“Tina Willis is an excellent Orlando, Florida personal injury, wrongful death, premises liability and automobile accident lawyer. I am a fellow accident lawyer and have always been very impressed with her passion for the law, aggressively fighting for her clients rights. She really cares about her clients and fights to get them the highest amount possible under the law. Tina is an avid author writing about about personal injury law, car accidents and negligence claims. She is well known and highly respected among personal injury attorneys on a national stage.

Attorney David Slepkow

tina willis 5 stars“Attorney Tina Willis is a caring and immensely knowledgeable Florida personal injury lawyer. She is always willing to share information to help people that have been injured. Attorney Willis is a smart, well respected member of the legal community and I would not hesitate to use her law firm for even the most complex of personal injury cases.

Ted K.

tina willis 5 starsTina is an elite lawyer and I am proud to call her my friend. As a practicing trial lawyer, I can attest to the fact that very few of my colleagues actively litigate cases. Further, even fewer attorneys possess the resources, knowledge and experience to competently handle catastrophic injury cases. Tina Willis is an attorney that I would not hesitate in recommending her services to any individual or family that has been harmed due to the negligence exhibited by an individual or corporation.”

Attorney Matt Dolman

tina willis 5 starsTina Willis is a true asset to the legal profession. I endorse her completely. Top notch!”

M. Willens

tina willis 5 stars“I have been fortunate enough to interact with Tina Willis and believe that she meets the highest ethical and legal standards of the legal profession. She is one of the top personal injury attorneys in Florida. She may not grab all of the headlines as she often works behind the scenes drafting critical pre-trial motions for high-stake cases. However, she is also an excellent oral advocate for those injured due to the negligent acts of others. She has a firm grasp on the legal principals of personal injury, wrongful death and medical malpractice. All can see her writing skills, her ability to dissect intricate legal issues, raise awareness to those issues she feels most passionate and see her interaction with other members of the legal community from around the world. Ms. Willis has my highest praise as an extraordinary attorney and person.”

Brian F.

tina willis 5 stars“Tina Willis is a dedicated advocate for her Florida personal injury clients. What sets her apart from her competition is that she truly cares about the people she represents. She is a lawyer’s lawyer. Her clients are lucky to have her on their side.

Attorney Matt W.

tina willis 5 stars“I have discovered she is very compassionate and committed to obtaining the highest settlement possible for each and every client. She maintains a case load that allows her to provide personalized service to all of her clients. She has a track record of success in any type of personal injury or wrongful death cases. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking professional and dedicated personal injury legal representation.”

Dmitry Gorin

tina willis 5 stars“If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer in Orlando Florida, Tina Willis Law is definitely the firm to consider. Tina Willis is knowledgable, compassionate, and a strong advocate for her clients.

Stephen F.

tina willis 5 stars“Thanks to Tina and her team, my son successfully won his case, The hard work and dedication of Tina Willis Law was outstanding and I would highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking excellent representation & professionalism. Thanks again!”

Hillary Pfeiffer

tina willis 5 starsGreat lawyer and even a better person…! Have worked together on personal injury and accident issues for along time. Attorney Tina Willis has take a life long interest in her injury cases as well as the profession as a whole. She is both a lawyer and a safety advocate meaning she tries to have those same accidents and injuries not happen to others. Highly recommended attorney from my work with her!”

Christopher Hoffman

tina willis 5 stars“I highly recommend Tina Willis in Orlando, Florida. She is an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who works hard for her clients to get the highest possible settlement due to injuries or wrongful death. Tina Willis is passionate about making sure victims of an accident, or their families the case of wrongful death are treated fairly, recover in their losses. Tina Willis is well respected by her peers and considered a leader in the legal industry.

James N.

tina willis 5 stars“I am the principal attorney at an Atlanta based civil litigation firm, handling serious personal injury and wrongful death cases. Many of these cases involve complex legal issues. Over the past five years, Ms. Willis has performed research and writing work on several complex matters. One of these cases involved four deaths as a result of a boat sinking in Utah. Ms. Willis was instrumental in helping my firm defeat a Motion to Dismiss filed by the vessel manufacturer in the State of Florida. She also wrote an impressive and successful Appellate Brief in the Florida Court of Appeals on that case. Her brief writing skills are, in my opinion, unparalleled in the realm of civil litigation. She is very skilled at crafting compelling and persuasive arguments, and my firm has prevailed on every motion or appeal she has drafted. I continue to utilize Ms. Willis’s services, and would recommend her without qualification for any civil litigation matter. And, while I have only worked with Ms. Willis on civil litigation matters, I am quite sure she would prove successful on other matters as well.

Attorney Casey Stevens

tina willis 5 stars“I fully recommend and endorse Tina Willis of Tina Willis Law as a personal injury & wrongful death lawyer for clients in Florida and Georgia. What makes me recommend and endorse Tina and Tina Willis Law? There are many reasons but here are some of them: (1) She was an excellent student. (2) Before opening Tina Willis law, she was a law professor and assisted other lawyers in complex and multi-million dollar cases. (3) She focuses on a high level of personal service and intentionally keeps her case load very low. (4) She is very good writer about issues related to personal injury law. Her articles provide relevant information not only to consumers but to lawyers as well. (5) She is extremely personable and makes you feel comfortable the minute you meet her. This is essential for clients that are injured and have mistreated by insurance companies. Anyone needing a skilled, experienced, knowledgeable, personable and passionate personal injury or wrongful death lawyer in Orlando, or elsewhere in Florida or Georgia should contact Tina Willis to learn more about her and her law firm.”

Attorney Jeff Lapin

tina willis 5 stars“Mrs. Willis is experienced, and a hard worker. She is a dedicated personal injury attorney, and will fight for your case. I recommend her.”

Bill Robbins

tina willis 5 stars“Ms. Willis is a fantastic personal injury lawyer who goes above and beyond in her work. She pays very close attention to detail, and is truly a genius when it comes to crafting creative legal arguments. She has won many prestigious career awards, which is no surprise considering she used to be a law professor, and worked for some of the biggest law firms in the country. I’m a fellow lawyer — and absolutely would not trust any Florida referral to any other lawyer. Outstanding and highly recommended!”

R. Sampson

tina willis 5 stars“I hired Tina after I was involved in a tractor trailer rear ending car accident. She was very prompt and attentive to my case and needs. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a personal injury attorney.”

Alecia Spann

tina willis 5 stars“Tina Willis is an experienced and detailed attorney with wide range of expertise. We have benefited from her knowledge on many legal issues. When discussing legal matters with her you quickly see her passion for the law and are assured that you are with the right attorney. You will be impressed that she not only will research the issues of your case but also many relevant aspects you may not have considered.”

Steve S.

tina willis 5 stars“I have worked as co-counsel with Tina on numerous cases. Never have I known a more dedicated, more intelligent, and more passionate lawyer. She thinks outside the box and finds legal arguments that other lawyers overlook. She take a personal interest in all of her clients and fights for them with a determination that all lawyers should want to replicate.”

Attorney Jaeson H.

tina willis 5 stars“What a great job she has done on personal injury cases in Orlando. Helpful and knowledgeable on every aspect of legal cases. Tina takes phone calls and returns them promptly. She explains the process and keeps you informed on each steps as you go. This is a great choice for an injury or accident claim lawyer. Great Person as well as Attorney! Thanks Tina!”


tina willis 5 stars“Tina Willis is a hardworking, compassionate, detail-oriented attorney who I would highly recommend for personal injury and wrongful death cases.”

Dondra O’Neal

tina willis 5 stars“I have had the pleasure and honor of serving as co-counsel with Tina Willis on several complex personal injury and wrongful death cases. Ms. Willis is by far the most committed, compassionate, aggressive, accessible, and hardest working personal injury lawyer in the greater Orlando area. She has an unmatched passion for justice and commitment to her clients. Ms. Willis treats each and every client like a family member; instead of handing clients off to a case manager or paralegal, she personally and promptly responds to her clients’ texts, emails, and calls. She takes the time to talk to clients and explain issues involved in their claims and cases. As a former law professor, Ms. Willis is also uniquely suited to understand complicated legal issues and find solutions to the most complex of problems present in her clients’ cases. She is simply and incredible attorney and person!”

Attorney C. Roane

tina willis 5 stars“Tina Willis, Esq. is a great person and an excellent lawyer. Tina is caring, devoted to her clients and very knowledgeable regarding personal injury law and legal technology. I am lucky to know Tina and if you have her as your lawyer, you will be grateful too. Thank you, Tina, for all that you’ve done for our profession and protecting the rights of the seriously injured. Keep up your outstanding work!”

John Fisher

tina willis 5 stars“I am co-counsel with Tina on numerous cases. I have never met a lawyer with more compassion for her clients or more of a passion for justice. And she’s brilliant. For complex legal issues, there is nobody I would trust more than Tina.”

Attorney Jimmy F.

tina willis 5 stars“I’ve known Tina Willis for several years now and I think she is a wonderful attorney. She has the talent and the dedication that every lawyer should have. If you’re looking for a personal injury attorney in Orlando FL, I’d look no farther. Hire Ms. Willis!”

Stephan Futeral

tina willis 5 stars“Tina Willis is a dedicated and hard working personal injury lawyer. Her peers and clients respect her. She provides exceptional service to her clients.”

William Hurst

tina willis 5 stars“Tina is an experienced, highly skilled and dedicated lawyer who limits her practice to personal injury, wrongful death and premises liability cases. I have known Tina M. Willis for 2 – 3 years. Ms. Willis cares about her clients and has structured her legal practice so that she can focus on meeting her clients’ needs both in the courtroom and reserving time to explain complex legal issues in plain English. I would refer a family member or close friend to Ms. Willis with confidence.”

Don P.

tina willis 5 stars“Tina is a fierce competitor and is not afraid to go toe-to-toe with the insurance companies to see that you are justly compensated for your injuries. Ms. Willis has my highest praise as an extraordinary attorney.”

B. Fishman

tina willis 5 stars“Tina is well known in the legal industry as a top attorney.”

Joseph Villenova

tina willis 5 stars“Tina Willis is a dedicated personal injury attorney. She will take a personal interest in your case. Mrs. Willis is a compassionate attorney who is interested in the welfare of her clients. She will work hard for you, and I recommend her.”

Laurie Robbins

tina willis 5 stars“Tina Willis is a highly skilled personal injury attorney in Orlando, Florida. She is extremely knowledgeable and truly cares about her clients. I would recommend her to anyone who has been injured in the Orlando area.”

Heath Murphy

tina willis 5 stars“Tina is very skilled, experienced, knowledgeable, personable and passionate about the law and her clients.”

Jeffrey L.

tina willis 5 stars

“Tina Willis has a passion for helping people. No place is this more evident than in her legal representation of personal injury victims. If you need a great lawyer after an auto accident, slip and fall or any traumatic event caused by negligence or wrongdoing, I refer them to Tina. She’s a true believer in fighting for justice and full compensation for physical harm and emotional distress and standing up to insurance companies trying to give low ball offers on claims.”

Steve S.

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