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As an Orlando brain injury attorney, I am always very concerned when any auto accident victim hits their head during an accident. There are many tell-tale signs of brain injuries, but often they can be mild such as not being able to think or remember as clearly as before, or personality changes.

If you have been in an auto accident or fall, or somehow sustained a serious impact to your head, then you should be evaluated for traumatic brain injury (TBI). Brain injuries may be overlooked even by treating medical professionals, and even unknown to the victim, yet they are very real and can have devastating long-term effects. As an Orlando brain injury attorney, I can help you sort through the legal maze involved anytime there has been an auto accident, fall, or other accident resulting in an injury to the head. The most important thing is that you get medical treatment right away. Then you should call an Orlando brain injury attorney because insurance companies will not play fairly unless an Orlando brain injury attorney is involved.

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When Should You Call An Orlando Brain Injury Attorney?

Traumatic Brain Injuries can result anytime there is head trauma involving the rapid deceleration or acceleration of the head. You may have heard them called “TBI” or closed head injuries. If you were involved in a car, truck or other auto accident, or a serious slip and fall accident, and your head was impacted, then you and your family need to carefully evaluate (along with your physician) whether you might be experiencing any of the symptoms of traumatic brain injury. If you are, then you need a thorough medical evaluation, plus you need to hire an Orlando brain injury attorney who will make sure your rights are protected when dealing with the always very unhelpful insurance claims adjusters and/or large corporate defendants.

So What Are The Possible Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury?

Again, generally anytime you have sustained a serious impact to the head, you should be thoroughly evaluated by competent medical personnel for brain injuries. Immediate and thorough medical evaluation is also very important from a legal perspective because insurance companies will take you much more seriously if you received medical evaluation and treatment very soon after your accident, although sometimes you may not notice the symptoms of brain injury right away (and in those cases you should just seek medical evaluation and treatment as soon as you notice the symptoms; delays can be explained by your Orlando brain injury attorney). Some of the possible symptoms of TBI are:

  • Loss of Consciousness
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting or Nausea
  • Coordination Problems
  • Balance Problems
  • Vision Problems
  • Excessive Fatigue
  • Abnormal Confusion
  • Thinking or Memory Problems

When It Comes To Brain Injuries, Everyone Is Different

You probably already understand the concept that our brain has different regions or lobes, each of which control different bodily functions. So it probably is not much of a surprise to learn that a brain injury can affect different people in very different ways, depending on the cause of the impact, the location (on the head) and the severity of the impact. Traumatic brain injuries can result in everything from complete incapacity (extended loss of consciousness or being in a coma) to more mild effects like slight balance or speech problems. The leading causes of traumatic brain injuries are falls (35%) and auto accidents (17 %). The only way to really begin to understand brain injuries is to understand some basics about how a healthy and injured brain compare.

We Start Our Lives With A Healthy Brain

Brain Injury Lawyer Orlando Florida Obviously, the brain has a strong protective covering, which is the skull. The skull protects very sensitive and soft brain tissue. Within the brain are nerves that run messages to and from and through the brain. The brain interprets these messages by instructing the rest of the body to perform all of our bodily functions. This includes everything we do, even breathing and having our heart beat, but also temperature regulation, heart rate, processing thoughts, moving our bodies, and even what makes us human–meaning our personalities, decisions, and all fives senses (touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell). The other thing is that all of these parts work together, in concert with one another, so they all have to be working for the brain to work well overall. All parts of the brain need to be working well in order for the brain to work well. Even supposedly minor injuries can have a devastating impact on how the brain communicates with the rest of the body, which can serious affect many important aspects of your life.

What Happens When We Injure Our Brains?

Basically any and all bodily functions can be affected when the brain is injured, and these injuries can be temporary or permanent. The only way to know for sure is to receive a thorough medical evaluation from an MD who is a brain injury specialist. But, generally speaking, if you have sustained a serious blow to the head, and are experiencing any differences in how your body functions after the accident, particularly any of the symptoms listed above, you should be evaluated as soon as possible by an MD who specializes in brain injury treatment. We can often help you find the necessary and preferred providers even if you do not have insurance. Brain injuries can be temporary or permanent, so you should not take the chance that yours will go away or resolve on it’s own–sometimes they do, but sometimes they do not.

Getting Back To The Potential Legal Questions, What Does An Insurance Company Do When You Have A Possible Brain Injury?

The answer to this question is that they do what they always do, which is make every attempt possible to minimize the amount of money that they have to pay on the claim. I cannot emphasize enough something that many clients never seem to really believe or understand–insurance companies are NOT your friend–in fact they are not even impartial (like judges). They do not want to help you. You should never forget that insurance companies are businesses first and foremost. The only reason they ever pay anything is because they can be sued for nonpayment in very clear cases. But most cases are unclear, so they hire attorneys and adjusters to investigate claims with one single goal in mind, and that is to lower the value of the checks that they write to injured victims. Whenever you are dealing with an insurance company, you absolutely need your own Orlando brain injury attorney to guide you through the process. And you need to make that call sooner rather than later because evidence needs to be quickly preserved, and any witnesses need to be interviewed by your Orlando brain injury attorney while memories are fresh. As an Orlando brain injury attorney, I can also give you strategic and critically important advice regarding how to deal with medical providers. Plus lawsuits have strict deadlines called statutes of limitations, beyond which you cannot file any lawsuit and any potential claim would be forever barred. So I cannot overstate the importance of taking timely action to make the very important call to an Orlando brain injury attorney today.

Lawsuits Based On Brain Injuries Can Lead To Funding For Necessary Medical Care As Well As Compensation For Pain & Suffering

If you have sustained a brain injury as a result of an accident, you may not realize the extent and expense of ongoing medical care to help you regain as much functioning as possible. Possible treatments range from surgeries and hospital stays to extended care in assisted living or nursing facilties, in-home nursing care, and/or ongoing therapy, medical equipment and other medical expenses of all sorts. Basically you are going to need money to pay for these things, which is one of many important reasons that you need an Orlando brain injury attorney to fight for your rights. You also deserve compensation for your pain and suffering.

I work very closely with all of my clients and will do everything possible to maximize your recovery. I am a former law professor and big firm attorney. I used to work for large firms that represented huge insurance conglomerates and big national corporations, so I know how the other side works and thinks. I also have a low volume practice philosophy, which allows me to provide highly personalized representation, and which would be impossible for any attorney with a large case load. I encourage you to read more about my background and method of handling personal injury cases before you decide on an Orlando brain injury attorney to help with your potential case.

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