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This website tells you everything you need to know Florida’s slip & fall accident law. This area of the law can be very confusing & complicated. So understanding the nuances is vital to maximizing your financial recovery against anyone who might have caused your injuries. Orlando Slip Fall Lawyer Tina Willis has written every page of this website herself, so that consumers will have reliable answers to their most common slip and fall accident questions. Learning more about this complicated area of the law will help you increase the value of your slip and fall case. I also encourage you to read my reviews, then give me a call. You also might want to start by reading the most important things you should do after a slip and fall accident–many of which are extremely urgent so do not delay. You might also want to read about settlement amounts in other slip and fall cases.

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Orlando Slip Fall Attorney Answers

Many consumers are very confused when they are seriously injured in a Orlando slip fall accident. Often slip and fall accidents can lead to serious injuries, sometimes even requiring one or more surgeries, or even leading to brain injuries. The problem is that unfortunately sometimes Florida’s slip and fall law is NOT on the side of the consumers. Very often, and with regret, I must decline slip and fall accident cases because the law provides no remedy.

You Need To Speak With An Orlando Slip Fall ATTORNEY, Not Paralegal

Another complication when trying to find an Orlando slip fall attorney (for consumers) is that they try calling sometimes big name firms, with lots of advertising, and can only speak with intake staff, rather than an attorney. Many of these “settlement mill” firms have layers of staff handling cases in volume fashion, which means you will never be more than a number. At least one of these firms even has a form saying that, in certain injury cases, they will never even file a lawsuit! (That would be disastrous for your ultimate recovery in many slip and fall cases.)

Florida’s Slip And Fall Law Is HIGHLY COMPLEX

Unlike other accident and injury cases, slip and fall cases are uniquely complicated. Therefore speaking with an actual Orlando slip fall attorney (rather than an intake person or paralegal) will create your BEST chance of recovering the most money. Sometimes I can think of creative arguments that help in slip and fall cases, something a non-lawyer intake staff would not think to ask, and which could lead to financial recovery for your slip and fall injury. I’m also very experienced with drafting replies to complicated motions filed by defense attorneys to dismiss your slip and fall case (in lawsuits), which can cause you to lose your slip and fall case (and get zero recovery) before you ever get to a jury. My motion drafting skills become VERY important in factually and legally complicated slip and fall cases.

Whatever your situation, I can promise you that slip and fall cases are not the same as any other type of injury case. You need an Orlando slip and fall lawyer who will make creative arguments on your behalf and think outside the box about whether there is any possibility of making an argument under our existing (and very limited) slip and fall statutes against any business or homeowner.

Call Or Text Me Anytime

You can call or text me 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. If I miss your call or text, I will personally call you back as soon as I possibly can. I never charge for consultations and you do not have to pay me until I win your case.

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Slip And Fall Injuries Are Never Slam Dunk Cases

If you read around this site (as I think you should if you were injured during a slip and fall accident), you will learn the law and perhaps some of the reasons this area of the law is complicated. One thing you need to know is that businesses are NOT automatically liable whenever someone slips and falls (and injuries themselves) on the business property. Many people do not understand that basic fact. Often businesses are only liable when you and your attorney can prove that the business had knowledge of whatever caused you to fall, but the business failed to remedy the problem. But a creative attorney can sometimes think of ways to establish knowledge, so I encourage you to call me if you really need answers.

Slip And Fall Knowledge Bank

As an Orlando slip and fall attorney, I have created this site with ONE goal in mind, which is to fully educate consumers on all aspects of what is ALWAYS a very confusing and sometimes unfair area of Florida law, slip and fall accidents. These cases are NEVER simple so you should try to educate yourself on the basics by reading this Florida slip & fall accident information website. I am a former law professor who has written all of this material myself, with the goal of providing Florida consumers with a basic overview of Florida’s complex slip and fall law. I have attempted to answer questions that my clients and potential clients have most frequently asked over time. I have also attempted to present questions that they do not normally ask, but are so basic to slip and fall law that you should know the answer.

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You Need To Call Me FAST!

Do Not Delay Calling Your Orlando Slip & Fall AttorneyCertain aspects of your slip and fall case (and the success or failure of that case) will require IMMEDIATE ACTION on your part. You may need to take certain specific photographs and you need a certain type of medical treatment ASAP, as in within days or a week at the absolute most, to give yourself the best chance of recovering. Once you sign up with me, I will tell you everything you need to know to maximize your chance of recovery. You may have to send me photos of the scene to evaluate before I know whether I can even accept your case. No matter what, do everything possible to take close up and wide angle photos of whatever caused you to fall, ASAP. Do NOT assume that you can rely on business video recordings. Oftentimes video recording devices are not operational and the law does not help you in those situations.

Working Closely With Your Orlando Slip Fall Attorney WILL Help Your Case

I am not a high volume attorney. That means that I personally conduct all interviews, including initial consultations that last “as long as it takes.” These generally take somewhere around 2 hours, but I have had them last as long as 6 hours in serious slip and fall cases. I can come to you if needed in serious injury cases. But I spend that time so that you are fully informed regarding how these cases work and how you can best maximize your recovery. Much of the ultimate financial recovery depends on your being educated regarding how to maximize the value of your case. I spend the time at the outset to make sure you understand how to best make that happen. Following the initial consult, you keep my cell phone number and I stay available to answer any questions you might have. This constant attention WILL help you get the highest value possible for your case. Talking with me is important, both to proving why the business is liable for your slip and fall injuries, and proving the extent of your medical and wage loss claims.

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Your Slip & Fall Team of Attorneys & Staff

I handle all slip and fall cases with another highly experienced Florida personal injury law firm. This means that you will always have at least 3 attorneys and one paralegal working on your case. We discuss the facts of all cases regularly, with the constant goal of getting you the most possible financial recovery. We also help with arranging medical treatment on letters of protection (essentially, credit) if you do not have health insurance coverage. We have established relationships with highly esteemed surgeons and other doctors who have agreed to provide care to slip and fall injury victims if the law favors their ultimate recovery. (For other attorneys wanting to send us referrals, we absolutely pay referral fees in accordance with Florida’s Rules of Professional Conduct. We greatly appreciate your referrals, so you can be sure that an attorney will return your calls quickly if you ever want us to evaluate a potential referral.)

Orlando Slip & Fall Attorney Serving All Of Florida & Georgia

Although my office is located in Winter Garden, Florida (just outside Orlando), I will accept very serious slip and fall accident cases throughout Florida and Georgia. I will come to you as needed if I accept your case. (I will handle any serious injury cases in any other city with exactly the same level of commitment that I provide to local clients.)

Disclaimer: I may refer you to another attorney, if your case does not meet my criteria for accepting the representation, but I still think you have a case worth pursuing. In those situations, of course, you would be free to decline the alternate representation prior to entering any agreement for legal services and find another attorney on your own.

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  • You will never be just a number with me. We will discuss case details to give you the best chance of obtaining the highest possible recovery. –Tina Willis, Esq.

  • I will do everything within my power to uncover any and all facts that could help in your potential slip and fall case.–Tina Willis, Esq.

  • I am passionate and obsessive about the cases that I accept. Sometimes regretfully I must decline slip and fall cases, because Florida’s slip and fall law provides no way to recover any money for injured victims. But we fully maximize the value of those we are able to accept.–Tina Willis, Esq.