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As an Orlando commercial vehicle accident attorney, I am well aware of the shock and horror that follows these types of accidents.  We recently settled a trucking accident lawsuit involving a family who had lost a mother and sister.  Their shock was indescribable.  The size and power of these vehicles very often leads to wrongful death cases.

Accidents involving commercial vehicles often result in the most catastrophic injuries because the sheer power of the impact with such a large vehicle.  At the same time, we are often more surprised to have an accident with a commercial vehicle like a construction vehicle, intercity busy, rental van, moving truck, or other form of large truck.  Typically these large vehicles are driven by professionals who have special drivers’ licenses and sometimes other specialized training.  Additionally, because commercial vehicles are often operated by companies, their owners have a strong interest in making sure their drivers stay safe and avoid accidents.  But a surprisingly large number of people are regularly injured in accidents involving commercial vehicles, and again those types of accidents often lead to the most serious injuries (because the vehicles have so much weight that is directly or indirectly applied to the passengers of both cars).  So serious injuries and deaths are sadly not uncommon when commercial vehicles are involved.

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How Would An Orlando Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorney Evaluate Your Case?

From a legal standpoint, commercial vehicle accidents can be more complex because potentially both the driver and the company that owns the vehicle might be liable, depending on a variety of factors.  If that is true, then there may be two or more complicated insurance policies to evaluate and determine whether there might be coverage.  They may also need to more carefully scrutinize the choice and decisions of any accident reconstruction experts involved in the case (these are people who determine things like force of impact based on vehicle weight, for example).  You really need to hire an commercial auto accident lawyer with the legal acumen necessary to analyze complex legal documents like insurance policies (most of which are highly technical and never the same–with judicial decisions regularly resting on complicated interpretations of single words or phrases within individual insurance policies) and other complicated issues in these cases.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents Often Cause The Most Catastrophic Injuries Because Of Their Sheer Weight

business vehicle & work truck accident lawyer orlando floridaOrlando commercial vehicle accidents are often the most serious on our highways because of the large size of most commercial vehicles.  A delivery truck may not be the size of a semi or tractor trailer, but it is still much bigger than most passenger cars, so can deliver a huge force.  This significantly increased force of impact can have a devastating impact, sometimes much different than a passenger car.  These commercial vehicles often not only total the other vehicles in the accident, but they may also cause the most serious and disabling injuries, or even deaths.  So people inside the vehicle receiving the hit may have permanent, lifelong injuries, such as brain injuries, paralysis, spinal cord injuries, terrible amputations, other other serious and debilitating injuries.  When someone experiences this type of injury, a somewhat weird chain of events may happen for them emotionally.

Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorney Should Always Be Mindful Of The Victim’s Post-Accident Feelings

People react to these painful and life-altering experiences by going through the same stages of grieving that you might experience from losing a loved one (over the loss of their health and possibly financial well-being and often everything they have known in life suddenly shifting).  So the five stages of grief, including shock and denial, are something that their law firm needs to consider and handle with care.  Important decisions should always be made while keeping knowledge of this important fact in mind.  As an Orlando commercial vehicle accident attorney, I am always very sensitive to my client’s emotional status when trying to guide them through important phases of litigation, which is one of many important benefits of working with an Orlando commercial vehicle accident attorney who is going to provide highly personalized, hand-holding type of service.

Medical Bills Often Higher In Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Because of the power of these vehicles, and the resulting and often catastrophic injuries, these injuries are expensive to treat, many times requiring six or even seven figures just for the ER treatment alone.  When these high bills arrive, and the victim is not even able to work because they have become disabled, they often feel completely overwhelmed, anxious, and totally unsettled by the extent of their financial and physical injuries combined.  If you are having these feelings because someone else was negligently driving a commercial or other vehicle, then I can help you.  Together we can file a lawsuit in which you might be able to receive compensation for both your medical bills, lost income, wrongful death of a loved one, and pain and suffering.  As an Orlando commercial vehicle accident attorney, I pride myself on providing highly personalized service, talking closely with my clients about their case, including strategies for handling all phases of the lawsuit.  You may or may not realize how lawsuits work, but each one is unique and the possibilities for potential arguments (and pitfalls) are nearly endless.  And the strategies for handling those lawsuit are as varied as the number of attorneys in the state.  Another often unknown but very important fact is that clients play an important role in how their case unfolds–and you need an attorney who will guide and help you gather critical evidence.  This gathering usually requires creativity and someone who is highly focused on your case will likely think of more potential arguments to raise in court on your behalf.

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