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Daytona Bike Week Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Daytona Bike Week Motorcycle Accident AttorneyAs a Daytona Bike Week motorcycle accident attorney, I have already received my first call from a seriously injured biker this morning.  Bike week started this weekend.  My mind always goes to the numbers of tragic deaths suffered by motorcycle riders every year during bike week.  I’m keeping this post short because I am in a hurry this morning.  But, bottom line, if you were involved in a motorcycle accident, were not at fault (or were only partially responsible), and suffered injuries, then there are several things you need to know to get the most money for your injuries.

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After A Motorcycle Accident During Daytona Bike Week

Immediately after the accident, you should:

  • get immediate medical attention (this isn’t just for your well-being; prompt medical treatment matters A LOT to case value).
  • mention everything that is hurting to the doctor (again, not just for your well-being — this advice relates to case value).
  • do not talk to any insurance adjuster — they can hurt your case value and that is their real goal, regardless of what they tell you.
  • get the police report if possible, or at least the report number from the police officer.
  • oh, yeah, call the police if someone hasn’t already.
  • get the names, and full contact information, for any witnesses.  If they refuse, try to get their tag number.
  • get the insurance information of the at-fault driver, and the drivers of any other vehicles involved in the accident.
  • take photos of the vehicles, your motorcycle, any tattered clothes or helmet, your injuries, and you being transported by ambulance or at the hospital, if you went.
  • if you do not go to the hospital, go somewhere for treatment right away.  If you didn’t, and are just reading this, go now.
  • speak to a Daytona Bike Week motorcycle accident attorney before contacting any insurance adjuster.
  • you are required to speak with your own insurance company, typically within 30 days.  But you should speak to a motorcycle accident attorney first.
  • you are not required, ever, to speak with the at-fault driver’s insurance company.  They will give you a different impression, and might be aggressive in attempting to speak with you.  Do not fall for their tricks.
  • there are many high volume law firms in Central Florida.  Unless you want advice from non-lawyer call center sales people, you might want to call my firm, where you can speak with an actual lawyer (usually: me).

Daytona Bike Week By The Numbers

Over 500,000 motorcyclists visit Daytona Beach each year for Bike Week, which is actually a ten day event drawing crowds from across the country.  Most have a great time, enjoying riding along the coast, or maybe The Loop, which is a beautiful scenic route between Daytona & Ormond Beach.  The problem is, Daytona is not the safest community.  Even during normal times of the year, with regular traffic, there is a much higher incidence of speeding and reckless driving in Daytona, than other parts of the state.  Pedestrian fatalities from people crossing the streets are, very sadly, not uncommon.  Also, The Loop, which is very popular, isn’t designed to handle heavy volumes of traffic.  That can be a very dangerous stretch, particularly for people on bicycles, but also in many ways for motorcycle riders.

How Motorcycle Accident Cases Are Handled

In many ways, a motorcycle accident is handled exactly the same as any other auto accident.  But there are some differences related to helmet usage, insurance, and some slight differences in the applicable laws.  You can read all about those here.  You can read how wearing or not wearing your helmet might affect your case here.  Finally, you can read the basics regarding how motorcycle accident fault is determined here.

If you were injured during an accident, I hope you will call or text me to learn more about the best way to handle your case.  Here’s why I think you should hire me.  And my thoughts on the best & worst accident attorneys in Central Florida.

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