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As an Orlando car accident lawyer, I regularly receive calls from people who have been involved in accidents of all different types. Some involve extreme injuries or death, others are more uncertain as to their medical status, but just want to be sure they are treated fairly by insurance companies.

If you were seriously injured during a car accident, then you are probably confused about what you should do.  Do you need a lawyer?  What should you say to insurance company adjusters? Should you see a doctor?  What will happen with your car?  These are all normal questions and, if I can accept your case, then I can provide answers. (Unfortunately we can’t accept all cases; the injuries & accident must be serious enough to justify the involvement of a lawyer.)

In any event, getting injured due to someone else’s negligent driving is a very unfair situation.  You are probably dealing with the physical or emotional fall out, along with financial concerns if you cannot work anymore, or have had to seriously curtail your working hours and tasks, to accommodate your or your family’s new post-accident reality.

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What You Need Is An Orlando Car Accident Attorney Who Will Immediately and Aggressively Begin Handling And Preparing Your Case

Ideally, lots of important things need to happen either immediately or quickly after a serious car accident.  Hopefully you exchanged driver or other information with any other drivers, passengers or witnesses who might have been involved in your accident.  If not, these are often available via law enforcement accident reports.  Your first item of business should be receiving a thorough medical evaluation and treatment for any emergency conditions.  But a close second should be calling an Orlando car accident attorney who can help you sort through what might be a confusing array of medical and legal options.   You not speak with any insurance company agent, including your own, before hiring an Orlando auto accident lawyer.

Other Important Tasks In The Immediate Aftermath of the Accident

Auto Accident Lawyer Orlando FloridaHopefully you also took some pictures of the accident scene.  Either way, as soon as possible after the accident, you need photos of your vehicle and the accident scene.  You need someone other than yourself to take close up and far away photos of all parts of the car, and accident scene.  If possible, you should also take close-up and regular photographs of any and all of your injuries in the days and weeks after the accident (including photos in the hospital).  Your involvement in this part of your case, along with close instruction from an Orlando car accident attorney, is absolutely essential to your highest potential settlement recovery or verdict.  Without giving away all of my secrets to any insurance defense counsel who might read this website, just know that I can and will provide much more detailed instructions regarding exactly how you should prepare your case if you call me.  And calling me sooner rather than later is the best move–because some of this evidence can be lost and gone forever if not preserved now.

Please Do Not Mistake The Above Advice For The Notion That You Might Be Able To Handle Your Orlando Auto Accident Case On Your Own

You will just have to trust me when I tell you that neither your own insurance company or the other guy’s insurance company is on your side.  They have no interest in anything other than reducing their financial outlay.  It’s that simple.  If they ask you questions, the only thing they want to discover in your answers are reasons to reduce or eliminate the value of your claim.  Many people do not understand this.  The opposing parties and lawyers are NOT your friends, nor are they the judge.  That means they are not even impartial.  They act wholly against your interests and wholly in their own interests.  Period.  They want you to get as little money as possible.  Nevertheless, many clients try their best to convince the other side about all of the reasons why they should win their case, and sometimes, in talking, reveal the only nuggets the other side was ever seeking–which are facts or evidence that can seriously hurt or destroy your case.  You should always be honest during litigation.  But volunteering information to the other side when not asked (or even when asked if your attorney is not present) can absolutely destroy your claim.  I hate to sound flippant, but representing yourself would be the height of foolishness.  I would not do it myself, if I were seriously injured, and you absolutely should not even consider it.

We Are Aggressive And Thorough Orlando Car Accident Attorneys Who Will Provide Highly Personalized, Hand-Holding Type Of Legal Representation

I encourage you to read more about my background and case philosophy.  Thorough and extensive preparation can make a HUGE difference in the outcome.

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