Should You Have Your Orlando Personal Injury Case Resolved FAST?

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Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer Settles FastAs an Orlando personal injury lawyer, I’m always watching new marketing strategies by insurance companies. Today I learned that insurance companies are advertising that they will process auto accident claims more quickly.

So, I wanted to answer the question:

Should You Seek A FAST Settlement In Your Orlando Personal Injury Case?

My first thought is that fast claims processing is a marketing ploy designed to allow the insurance companies to pay FAR less on serious personal injury or wrongful death cases. Having a claim processed fast can be a gigantic mistake on the part of the injured person, which is why most insurance companies try very hard to get those claims settled quickly, before Orlando personal injury lawyers can get involved.

Even worse, MANY Orlando personal injury lawyers try to rush their cases through the system, so that they can get paid faster, which can cost you a LOT of money.

With personal injury cases, there is no way for the insurance company to know the potential value of the claim, before the person goes through treatment, which might include lengthy physical therapy, injections, surgery, or even multiple surgeries, rehab, and post-surgical or ongoing life care. However, the insurance company has no incentive to maximize the injured person’s case value. Why would they? If they are able to settle the case by paying for the initial ER visit, then the person can’t come back to them later, and ask for a much higher payment based on additional treatment.

Insurance companies can be extremely aggressive in trying to settle cases early, precisely for that reason.

The fact is, anytime there is a serious personal injury or death, the person needs to call an Orlando personal injury lawyer ASAP, NOT the insurance company.

That all being said, you CAN settle a vehicle damage claim quickly. Those are usually much more straightforward. The same might apply to very minor injuries, although I would caution those in accidents to be SURE they only have minor injuries (often by having an MRI), because a mild neck pain one day after an accident can get worse later.

Additionally, SOME cases can be resolved quickly, like when the money damages FAR exceed the available insurance coverage. But this is a case-by-case question, best answered by an Orlando personal injury lawyer.  And usually an injured person will not be able to get the insurance company to pay quickly without a lawyer, unless the available policy amount is VERY low.

If you would like to speak with an experienced Orlando personal injury lawyer who will tell you the best way to handle your case, and provide tailored advice to YOUR situation, please give us a call or text at (407) 803-2129. (You will need to answer a few preliminary questions before speaking to a lawyer, to make sure you have the type of case we typically handle. But we offer personalized attorney consultations, to help you learn how to get the most money from your personal injury case, for every case we might be able to handle!)


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Tina Willis is a serious injury, accident & death lawyer, based in Orlando, Florida, although she accepts cases throughout the state of Florida, and in Georgia, where she is also licensed. She vigorously prosecutes serious injury and death cases caused by auto accidents, semi-truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, products & premises liability cases, as well as medical malpractice.
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