When Should You Get An Orlando FL Car Accident Attorney?

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When Should You Get An Orlando Car Accident Attorney?

When Should You Get An Orlando Car Accident LawyerYou probably never thought you would need to get an Orlando car accident attorney. Thankfully many people never do. But if you have been involved in any vehicle accident, and you have any injuries, no matter how major or minor, then you need to call an Orlando vehicle crash law firm.

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When Don’t You Need A Central Florida Auto Crash Attorney?

The only time someone really doesn’t need an attorney is when there are no injuries whatsoever. In those cases, like when you just have vehicle damage, most attorneys will not take the case anyway. That’s because there is no way for the lawyer to get paid based only on vehicle damage. Just make triple sure you really, really aren’t injured. Sometimes pain develops in the days and weeks following an accident. If that happens, get to the doctor ASAP.

But bodily injuries are a different story. Any passenger, driver, or bystander who was injured by an at-fault driver may be entitled to financial recovery after an accident. Those people are entitled to past and future medical expenses, past and future lost wages, and past and future pain and suffering, caused by the accident. The value of pain and suffering varies a lot, but generally depends on how much you are hurting, your diagnosis, what type of treatment you need, how long you need treatment, whether your injuries are permanent, whether you shared any blame for the accident, and several other factors.

What Needs To Happen Fast In Serious Injury Or Fatal Accident Cases

If the injuries are more serious, or the accident caused a fatality, then you would be crazy not to call a lawyer right this minute. The stakes are high, and important evidence needs to be collected very, very quickly. You should never try to handle an injury case without a lawyer. But you are taking a much, much bigger risk when the accident is serious. The insurance company will quickly jump into action to do everything possible to get the case value lower. They will talk to witnesses. They will get black boxes from trucks. They may seek phone records to prove (or disprove) distracted driving. They will try to talk to you (and, if you are like most people, you will wrongly assume that you know how best to answer their questions — big mistake). On the other hand, we Orlando serious accident and death lawyers may need to talk to experts about reconstructing the accident, talk to witnesses, and gather any other evidence that may be essential in proving your case. Plus, you need instructions about dealing with medical providers, witnesses, and insurance adjusters.

Do You Need A Lawyer For A Smaller Value Case?

Well that depends. If there are no injuries, then you probably can’t get a lawyer anyway. If there are only minor, non-permanent injuries, then the value isn’t very high. But if you aren’t sure about the extent of your injuries, then you need a lawyer. Only a lawyer can tell you how best to protect yourself if you realize later that your neck or back pain now is a seriously big medical issue for you. If you are eventually going to hire a lawyer, then hiring one quickly is the best move. That’s because we can do our jobs best when we get involved immediately after an accident. We need evidence to prove your case. The best time to get that evidence is now. You also need to know how to interact with doctors, therapists, and health and auto insurance companies.

When Can’t You Get An Orlando Car Wreck Lawyer?

Usually a lawyer will not take your case if you were clearly, 100% at fault, or you aren’t injured (at all). But don’t assume anything about fault if there is any doubt. Drivers can share fault, and still recover money from the other driver. That’s a common situation.

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Should You Talk To An Insurance Adjuster After An Orlando Accident Involving Injuries?

If you were involved in a major accident, you need help getting through the maze of medical providers and insurance adjusters. There are some major scams involved in the car accident business in Orlando. For example, some medical providers only want to give you chiropractic treatment until they exhaust your 10K in PIP damages. Also, ALL auto insurance adjusters want to pay you the smallest amount possible for your injuries.

This article says that you don’t need an attorney for “simple, clear cut” cases. I strongly disagree, especially if you have moderate to serious injuries, or, heaven forbid, someone died. The liability (fault) may be simple. But the amount of damages is never simple. The best bet is to let the lawyer decide whether you need one. Believe it or not, we reject far more cases than we accept. So your best bet is not to decide for yourself. But to call or text me, and ask.

If You Caused The Accident, Should You Still Get An Orlando Car Accident Lawyer?

If you were injured, and you caused the accident, then an Orlando car accident attorney may or may not be able to help you. You might think you were to blame, and you might be. But lawyers get paid for a reason. Sometimes there are creative ways to argue that blame should be shared. (This is more difficult in rear-end collision cases.) Definitely any injured bystanders, pedestrians, or bicycle riders should call a Central Florida auto crash law firm ASAP.

Even a minor car accident in Orlando can change your life. An auto accident can lead to serious pain, life-long disability, or even death. But an Orlando vehicle crash lawyer can help get you the most money possible, beat insurance companies at their own game, get needed medical care, and start you on the road to getting life back to normal.

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