Moderate to Serious Injuries (Or Wrongful Death) From An Accident? Then You Need To Read This

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If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident (or someone died), in Orlando, Florida, there are several important things that need to happen quickly, for you to get the most money from your case. This includes car, semi-truck, motorcycle, slip and fall, Uber/Lyft, medical malpractice, and any other injury case. 

The best way for us to help you is for you to call or email us ASAP. 

You should read every word on this page if you were seriously injured (or your loved one was killed) from an accident.  There are many things that can cause you to lose a lot of money if you make mistakes early in the process.

Orlando serious injury & wrongful death lawyer

These are the highlights of what you need to know:


  • Insurance companies are not your friend. Do not call or talk to them without hiring a lawyer (this includes your own insurance company). They have written books about how insurance companies have changed – with evidence from lawsuits filed against them for unfair practices, showing that the entire industry changed on a massive scale, to hurt the consumer, back in the 90s. Read more about insurance company auto accident denials and insurance company auto accident delays.
  • ALL insurance adjusters, including your own, want to pay you the least amount possible. And they have many techniques for getting information that hurts your case. Don’t help them.
  • That being said, you have a contractual obligation to cooperate with your own insurance company, and to report any accident, often within a short period of time. This time varies but can be as short as 15 days. You need to hire a lawyer before then. Or you can report the accident, but say that you don’t want to give any statements until you hire a lawyer.

Warning About High Volume Injury & Accident Law Firms


  • Do not talk to anyone at the accident scene, or any insurance adjuster (even your own).
  • If you are pressured, say that you want to speak to your lawyer first.
  • Never admit fault at the scene, or anytime, or apologize for what happened. Any admissions of guilt CAN be admitted into evidence and will likely reduce your case value.
  • Do not tell your doctor that you were at fault, or partially at fault.
  • You should not discuss what happened with anyone but your lawyer.
  • Do not post of social media about your accident. BUT if you already have, do not delete without consulting with your lawyer. Defense lawyers will look at your social media profiles and can subpoena records that include deletions (which can be held against you).


  • You need medical care URGENTLY to prove your accident case If you wait more than 14 days, you lose PIP benefits.  Also, going to the wrong doc for follow up care (like after the ER) can lower your case value because many aren’t trained in the litigation process.  And waiting to receive care lowers your case value.  As far as receiving timely treatment, days matter, and weeks matter even more. 
  • Tell every medical professional who provides treatment about all of your symptoms, and every place that hurts. Do not downplay or exaggerate your symptoms.
  • Our first job is to get you into the best doc based on your injuries, and we are well connected to some of the best docs.
  • You want an MD, not a chiropractor, for more serious injuries.
  • Not all doctors are the same. A bad doc can absolutely harm your case value. A bad doc for litigation might be an excellent doctor. But your doctor ideally needs experience in the litigation process.
  • We have long-standing connections to some of the best docs around the city of Orlando, the state of Florida, and even nationally depending on why the doctor might be needed.
  • We have ZERO financial interest in any doctors or medical facilities.
  • Our only goal is to make sure you get the best treatment possible, from a doctor who is also experienced in the litigation process, and has excellent credentials.
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  • If you have moderate to severe (or catastrophic) injuries, or someone died, then the lawyer you hire absolutely can make a huge difference in the amount you recover.  Literally one firm might get you $2500 and the other gets you a million (We had that happen once, when a very popular big firm had a junior lawyer working on a case, and that lawyer overlooked an available commercial insurance policy in a serious injury case).
  • Critical evidence in serious injury cases can disappear and render your case value zero or much less than it should be.  It is extremely important that we gather evidence quickly in moderate to severe injury cases. We may have to prove your case in court (before a jury), which requires evidence, which can disappear VERY quickly! We recently settled a case for 2.75 million, after our client fired a big firm.  This client hired us just in the nick of time, because the tow truck company was going to sell his car (and the other big firm had not offered to buy for the car, or even alerted our client that his case would be worthless without the car).  But he still called us too late to get the trailer from the tractor-trailer, which probably cost him a bunch of money.
  • Here’s more about hiring a big law firm:

Is you need a personal injury or car accident lawyer, should you hire the biggest law firm? Absolutely not and there is a very easy to understand why they do not spend more money per case. #personalinjurylawyer #caraccidentlawyers #caraccidentlawyerorlando #lawyersoftiktok #bullshit #marketingploy #florida #orlando

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Car versus Semi Truck Accident, taking case from zero to 2.75 million after firing big advertising firm. Thankfully our client called us just a few weeks after hiring this firm, when he could tell that they weren’t doing any work on his case. They made two critical mistakes — one was not securing our client’s vehicle, which thankfully we were able to do just before the tow company sold it (case would have had very little value without the car). And the second mistake was not sending a preservation of evidence letter to the tractor trailer company, which allowed them not to save the vehicle for our expert to inspect. That evidence could have made the case even more valuable — but we will never know because the trailer was repaired and put back into service before we were hired. The moral of the story is please do not believe that bigger means better with personal injury law firms. The last thing you want to do is hire anyone who is high volume, especially when it comes to lawyers. That’s crazy. It’s become normal but it’s still crazy. Personal Injury lawyers aren’t super human. They can only handle a reasonable case load. But at bigger personal injury firms, their lawyers handle 300-700 cases each, based on studies that I plan to share. Follow to hear more about those. #personalinjurylawyer #personalinjurylawyers #caraccidentlawyers #truckaccidentlawyer #foryoupage #fyp #Florida #orlando #tampa #Jacksonville #daytonabeach #wintergarden

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  • You can read about exactly what happened in one recent case, in more detail, here.
  • There have been countless similar examples over the years.
  • People often call us desperate to have better representation than they have received at other firms, large and small.
  • Sometimes you can fire your existing lawyer, and sometimes you can’t (usually depending on how much they have accomplished in the case because they could have already earned some percentage of their fee — and our fee would be added on top).
  • We have been asked to help potential clients fire many other small and large law firms countless times.


  • You should never, ever hire a big law firm (even if you don’t hire us). That would be a gigantic mistake. Despite the alluring billboards, lawyers with big injury law firms work in an extremely high volume atmosphere, meaning your lawyer is likely to have 300-700 cases.
  • High volume lawyering is the absolute last thing you want, if you have a real case.
  • The billboard recoveries featured around town are extremely misleading for many reasons.  But one is because big injury law firms have handled tens of thousands of cases. Only an extremely small percentage of those cases included high value results. A very high percentage are much lower value cases.  This happens naturally just by the luck of the numbers and the sheer volume of cases. 
  • A relative few high value recoveries (among tens of thousands of cases) absolutely does NOT mean that any firm maximizes the value for each of their clients.
  • High volume lawyering leads to many mistakes.
  • We’ve had MANY clients come to us over the years after big and other smaller firms made huge mistakes in their cases, from not gathering necessary evidence, to not even finding all insurance policies, to not giving proper guidance regarding how medical care affects your case value.
  • There is good evidence (based on an extensive study performed at Stanford University) that big injury firms get less money for moderate to serious & catastrophic injury cases. Read more about high volume settlement mill personal injury law firms and why high volume personal injury law firms escape scrutiny.
  • Most of the guys on the billboards from big injury law firms aren’t trial lawyers. They are marketing experts – and they hired random lawyers with varying levels of experience to handle the cases that their expensive marketing generated. You will not be hiring the guy on the billboard.  And the lawyers who work for these firms have varying levels of experience. You would just be getting the luck of the draw. 
  • Large injury law firms spend no more money than we do, per case, and have no more resources than we do, per case.
  • If you call a big law firm, your phone call will be answered by an in house call center, where receptionists are highly trained sales people, not educated in the law.  You can read an example of a craigslist ad for hiring these receptionists here — and you can see that they want receptionists who are trained in sales & closing deals. 
  • Our calls are sometimes answered by a third party answering service.  We provide a few quick questions, which they ask on our behalf.  They know the types of cases we cannot handle (which are basically those where no one was injured).  Otherwise, they try to patch calls through immediately, and send us an email with your answers to our questions. We will call you back very soon if we can’t answer immediately.  But we do not train those people and they certainly aren’t sales people trying to get you to close on any deal. That’s not how we operate.
  • There are several “small” firms in town that are really just partnerships with the bigger firms.  We do not partner with big firms, ever (and we have refused offers to work with big firms).  We do sometimes recommend other lawyers but, when we do, it’s because they are specialists in their practice areas (like workers’ comp, or certain products liability cases, and a few other scenarios).
  • Many lawyers and law firms never file lawsuits AND will not tell you ahead of time.  You should run from those firms because you cannot get the most money from a serious injury or death case, with a moderate to high insurance policy amount, without filing a lawsuit.


  • We are a small team of lawyers, who work together as a team on every case. (We also refer to other lawyers when another lawyer would be better for your specific case.) We carefully plan every case as a team. You get all of our excellent lawyers for the price of one.
  • Our team includes:
    • one lawyer who is a former law professor, has won a long list of prestigious industry awards as an injury lawyer, formerly graduated second in her law school class, and formerly worked for a couple of the biggest insurance defense law firms in the world, where she worked primarily on multi-million dollar cases for the defense (this is absolutely NOT the norm for injury lawyers – few if any injury lawyers have this kind of academic or professional background);
    • another lawyer who is the former President of the Florida Justice Association (the leading personal injury lawyer’s organization in the state), has had some of the highest verdicts to his credit in statewide history, and is extremely well-connected to judges, other lawyers, and medical professionals – which means that he knows which docs would help your case the most, how to handle various judges, and can get information quickly throughout Florida regarding other judges and likely jury pools (again, this is NOT the norm, and provides extremely HIGH value to all of our clients);
    • another lawyer has extensive trial experience, as a former public defender who handled countless jury trials, and also a former journalist, and has many years of experience working as a personal injury lawyer with us, which helps him tell our client’s stories to any jury or mediator (MANY injury lawyers have no experience with litigation);
    • small very experienced team of paralegals, each of whom we have personally trained, and who work closely under our daily supervision;
    • other lawyers who get involved as co-counsel when their specialties would help your case. We always refer you to another lawyer when we don’t think we are the best choice based on our expertise, and theirs. In those scenarios, we continue to monitor your case, receive updates, and take equal responsibility with those lawyers, all without charging you a higher percentage.
  • There is no way for any lawyer to prove that their results would be higher than you could have recovered somewhere else, with the same facts. But we have achieved many tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and multi-million dollar recoveries for our clients (and we have worked on the defense side in multi-million dollar cases).  We care passionately about advocating for any client who has moderate to severe injuries (or lost a loved one in an accident), and you will not feel like a number with us.
  • We do not operate in a high volume manner. We believe this is ESSENTIAL to any lawyer’s success, because serious injury cases take a lot of time, which is why we strongly oppose the large law firm structure.
  • We constantly compare notes with lawyers throughout the state, regarding case values for similar types of cases, including published and unpublished results in similar cases.
  • We are extremely careful about recommending settlement versus trial to our clients, and we explain in detail the pros and cons of each, based on the specific good and bad facts in their cases.


  • selected as the “Best of the Best” Personal Injury Lawyers (an award which goes to only .05% of the 1.3 million lawyers nationwide);
  • selected as a “Top Rated Lawyer in Florida” by Lawyers of Distinction;
  • selected a “Ten Best Female Lawyers” in Florida, by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys;
  • selected as one of the “10 Best Florida Lawyers,” by the American Institute of Legal Counsel;
  • selected as a National Trial Lawyers as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer;
  • selected as a “10 Best” Client Satisfaction Award, from the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys;
  • member of the Million Dollar Advocates Club (fewer than 1% of attorneys nationwide are members);
  • member of The Top Trial Lawyers in America®.
  • selected by as one of the 20 best Orlando medical malpractice lawyers;
  • selected as a Number One Personal Injury, Car Accident & Wrongful Death Attorney By Orlando Style Magazine, based on client and other attorney ratings;
  • selected as one of the “Three Best Rated” Orlando Accident Attorneys based on handpicked selection;
  • achieved a “superb” perfect “10.0” AVVO rating as an auto accident attorney.
  • named one of Orlando’s “Ten Best” personal injury attorneys by Thumbtack rating system.
  • Accredited by the Central Florida Better Business Bureau.


  • There are some medical conditions that are frequently misdiagnosed, or missed entirely, which means you get no monetary recovery for those. Most injury lawyers are not aware of these conditions because they work with doctors who are not aware of them. 
  • We pride ourselves on working with the best doctors.  Here’s one example of a commonly misdiagnosed condition after car accidents — mild traumatic brain injury (which is always a possibility if you hit your head, or experienced whiplash):
free auto accident case evaluation


  • We are not high pressure. We just want to help you.  Calling us is free, and there is no cost or obligation to hear our opinion — so why not call?  You can also text.  The best number is 407-803-2139.  Again, we are not high pressure.  If you have been involved in an accident, and we think we might be able to help, we will tell you what we think you should do, and why. 
  • Your call may initially be answered by a third party answering service.  We provide the few quick questions that they ask. They forward your answers to us immediately, and try to put your call through to one of our lawyers or paralegals.  If we are available, we will take your call that minute. If we are not, then we will call you back very soon.
  • Our in house (small, highly experienced, and well-trained) staff monitors texts daily to the same number (407-803-2139).
  • There are some cases we cannot handle.  That’s because of Florida laws that make lawsuits extremely difficult or impossible in certain situations. We regret having to decline many slip and fall, and medical malpractice cases, due to unfair Florida laws.
  • When you first call us, our small team of highly experienced paralegals will take your initial information. We lawyers monitor what they are doing very closely on every new call, and all existing cases. Some cases require much more initial work than others from the lawyers.
  • We will be honest with you.
  • We will tell you when or if we aren’t the best lawyers to handle your case, and refer you to lawyers who specialize in your particular type of case, if you happen to have a unique situation, and there are other lawyers who would be better to help you. This is a valuable service, as we are well-connected to some of the best injury lawyers in the state, and we refer to other lawyers without hesitation, if we do not think that we are the best fit for you.
  • We will tell you if you really don’t need a lawyer.


  • If you have minor injuries:
    • We want to make sure that you get the medical evaluation you need ASAP – just in case you actually have a more serious injury (like if your back hurts – we want to make sure that nothing is seriously wrong with your back).
    • We do not need to collect as much evidence because there is not as much of a fight from the insurance company on paying minor injury claims. We just need proof of your medical treatment.
    • Unless your condition becomes more serious (like you realize a back injury may require surgery), we usually do not have to file lawsuits in less serious injury cases. These cases are usually settled pre-suit during direct negotiations with the insurance company.
    • We compile a demand package to send to the insurance company, which includes any photos and a written letter from us, explaining the legal reasons you should prevail, how the accident has affected your life, and detailing whatever treatment you have received.
  • If you have moderate to severe or catastrophic injuries (or someone died):
    • We try to find out, as quickly as possible, how much insurance money is available. The amount at stake tells us how hard the insurance company is going to fight back. If there is a lot of available insurance money, then we immediately work hard on collecting the evidence needed to get you the most money possible The pre-suit work on serious injury cases varies a lot. For example, a semi-truck accident lawsuit needs experts to evaluate the trucks & trailers. Other accidents can require accident reconstruction experts. Other cases might require us to contact any witnesses, obtain videos, review medical treatment, and quickly try to collect any and all helpful evidence.
    • Whether we have to file a lawsuit, or not, depends on the seriousness of your injuries, and the amount of insurance coverage available. We monitor both of those things carefully.
    • The lawyer work on ALL moderate to serious injury (or death) cases is extensive, usually performed over 2-3 years, and very tailored to the unique facts of each individual case.
    • Sometimes we can settle serious injury or death cases more quickly. Whether we can resolve serious injury cases more quickly (which we always try do if possible) usually depends on the amount of insurance coverage, the degree of fault (of the defendant), and any contributing fault they claim you have.
  • If you hire us, you will have the cell phone number of a paralegal who will answer your calls and texts ASAP, communicate closely with our lawyers about every message, and the lawyers will advise you anytime there is anything that could negatively affect your case value. We are constantly monitoring our paralegals, and make adjustments continually to their work.  We work directly and extensively with clients who have moderate to severe injuries, and sufficient insurance coverage exists (if there is less insurance coverage, the insurance company will not fight as hard, so we just need to make sure you get your treatment, then we handle drafting demand packages and negotiations with the insurance company).
  • You can ALWAYS ask to speak to a lawyer, after hiring us.
  • Our lawyers will call you whenever we think we need more information from you, to get you the most money possible.
  • If you were seriously or catastrophically injured, you will have a lengthy consult with one of our highly experienced lawyers.
  • Your case will never settle without careful review and consideration by our lawyers.  And we absolutely would never settle a case without your 100% understanding and agreement.
  • We file lawsuits on moderate to serious injury cases with substantial insurance policies (lawsuits are not necessary with lower value insurance policies or less serious injuries). MANY law firms never file lawsuits. Yet, lawsuits are often the only way to maximize your financial recovery.
  • Lawsuits take 2-3 years to conclude, and take a lot of work on our part. But the end result is worth the wait.
  • Regardless of the seriousness of your injuries, or the size of the insurance policy, we take seriously our job to make sure you get the most money possible at the end of your case, which includes giving you advice about what medical treatment is necessary to prove your case, and whatever other evidence might be needed to prove your case.
  • Not all experts are the same. Serious or catastrophic injury cases often require paid expert testimony to get the most money possible. This could include accident reconstruction experts, black box experts, economists, life care planners (like if you will need a lifetime of medical care, they can estimate the costs), and all kinds of medical experts. We have very long-standing connections with some of the best experts in the world, who are very experienced with testifying (these experts are only needed in moderate to severe injury (or death) cases).


  • If we have to file a lawsuit, these are the basic stages, which together usually take 2-3 years (although a limited number of cases can be settled early in the litigation process):
    • we sometimes wait for you to reach maximum medical improvement before filing, so that we know what your financial damages will be, and we know that settling your case without a lawsuit is not an option.
    • If we decide to file a lawsuit in your case, we draft a complaint, which is a document detailing what happened to you & what legal issues are involved.
    • The defendant(s) are served with the complaint.
    • The defendant(s)’ file their own answer to the complaint, which details their reply, including admissions or denials of what we alleged in the complaint.
    • The defendant(s) could file court motions at this stage, which can delay the proceedings (these are relatively rare but they can happen).
    • Both sides then begin a process called discovery. This is when we are seeking evidence from the other side (and they are seeking evidence from us). This is a complex and lengthy process where we can interview witnesses, and request documents.
    • We send written requests for any relevant documents, and a list of questions, which are called interrogatories.
    • The defendant usually sends us the same thing, and we have to help you reply.
    • Discovery usually includes depositions, which are in person, lengthy question and answer sessions, recorded by a court reporter. In these sessions, the lawyer for the opposing party is usually asking questions, and the person being deposed is answering them.
    • Usually you will attend a deposition and be questioned by the defendant(s)’ lawyer. We will prepare you for your deposition and this is nothing to fear.
      • During your deposition, the other lawyer will usually ask questions about your personal, educational, and business background. Then they will ask about how the accident happened, what injuries you sustained, what treatment you have received, and how the injuries have affected your life. They may ask about any pre-existing condition, any discrepancy in your medical records, or any other conflicting evidence.
      • One of our many jobs is to help you prepare to answer those questions. And to prepare our own questions for the defendant(s) and their witnesses.
    • At any point during your case, we may need to consult expert witnesses. These range from accident reconstruction experts, to medical doctors. In the most catastrophic injury cases, these consultations happen early in the process. In moderate to severe injury cases, we may wait to consult experts until after mediation, if the case isn’t going to settle without a trial. The reason is that experts cost a lot of money, which you ultimately would have to repay. So we only hire them if we believe they are necessary to increase your case value substantially.
    • If we hire experts, we spend a tremendous amount of time interviewing them, so that we can understand their theory of the case, and we spend a lot of time prepping them for their own depositions.
    • We carefully review all documents and interrogatory answers provided by the defendant(s). Sometimes these are voluminous records. These might lead us to want even more documents, ask more questions, or depose additional witnesses.
    • We seek evidence outside of the litigation process, if helpful to you, such as friendly witness statements, video evidence, or hiring investigators as needed.
    • Several months after your deposition, we may hold a mediation, in an attempt to settle your case without a jury trial. 90% of cases settle during, or shortly after, mediation. At a mediation:
      • both sides present their basic arguments to a neutral mediator, selected by both attorneys.
      • The mediator has no binding authority. He or she can only try to persuade both sides to settle the case.
      • Since they are neutral, and usually a practicing or retired lawyer, the mediator gives valuable insight to both sides.
      • Mediators are trained in dispute resolution, and they try to get both parties to agree to an amount to settle the case.
      • You will not testify at this proceeding (which is a good thing; no pressure on you). You speak only privately to your lawyer during this proceeding.
      • Mediations often take half or all day. You spend that day mostly with your lawyer. We advise you extensively on our reasons for thinking your case is worth a certain amount, and we fight hard to get the defendant to raise their offer.
      • Mediations start in a room with everyone present, including you, your lawyer, sometimes the defendant or the defendant’s insurance adjuster, the defendant’s lawyer, and the mediator. Lawyers from both sides present an opening statement, similar to a trial, but without the strict rules of evidence that govern a jury trial. And there is no judge — and no one can force you to agree to anything at a mediation.
      • After both sides have presented their opening statements, the parties and their lawyers move to separate rooms. After this point, you will be alone with your lawyer for the duration of the mediation.
      • The mediator goes from room to room, learning more about the case, and trying to persuade each party to accept a settlement.
      • If we reach the end of the day, and both sides cannot agree on a settlement amount, then we go home with no deal. If both sides agree, then you sign a settlement agreement, and the defendant plans to send a check to your lawyer within a few days or weeks. Your lawyer will then calculate fees & costs before distributing the balance to you, with a settlement statement that details all of the deductions).
    • If we are unable to settle your case at mediation, then we begin preparing your case for a jury trial. Sometimes cases settle shortly after mediation, with the help of the mediator, who may stay involved.
    • If we have to go to a jury trial, there are several more months of preparation, often including expert witness depositions.
    • At trial, we select a jury, prepare questions for witnesses, and prepare you to testify. This preparation is extensive.
    • A jury is a random group of 12 people from all walks of life, with their own hard-to-predict preferences and prejudices. However, we put a lot of effort into trying to weed out the jurors who we seem most likely to decide against you. Both sides often prefer settlement because juries are so hard to predict. The jurors listen to the lawyers, both parties, any witnesses, and review any other evidence, before making their decision.
    • A jury can decide on any dollar amount, or zero, as their final decision in your case.


  • Our fees are free unless we win. There is no fee to hire. Consultations are free.
  • We work on contingency, which means we are motivated to get you the most money possible.
  • We get paid at the end of your case, by way of deducting a percentage from your recovery.
  • Lawyer fees *in accident and injury cases* are regulated by the Florida Bar.
  • More about our fees:

How much do #personalinjurylawyers take from your settlement or verdict? There are many websites saying they take 33%. In Florida, that’s just not accurate. They generally take between 33 & 40 percent, depending on a number of factors in the case. But usually if they file a lawsuit, their fee is 40%. #attorneysfees #florida #caraccident #truckaccidentlawyer #trending #viral #fyp #foryoupage #Orlando #Jacksonville #daytonabeach #tampa #wrongfuldeathlawyer

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  • Our lawyers have all come from very humble beginnings. So we understand people from all walks of life, and the power of hard work and sacrifice. And we have all also experienced the heartbreak of human suffering, illness & serious injuries. We know that a serious injury from any accident can destroy many things that you hold dear in life. And we work tirelessly, every day, to make sure that we recover the most money possible to help you through one of the most difficult events in your life.
  • In all cases, but especially serious injury & death cases, we wish we could go back in time and prevent the accident, rather than have you as a client now. Still, we do our absolute best to make your life more positive going forward, with as much financial support as there is available to win for you.
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We handle many different types of accidents, caused by another person or business. Some of the personal injury cases that our firm handles include:


  • We are personal injury lawyers based in Orlando, Florida.
  • We handle moderate to severe or catastrophic injury (or death) cases from any accidents that happened anywhere in Florida.
  • We are also licensed in Georgia and have represented clients in catastrophic injury and death cases in Georgia. If we can’t handle the case, we have connections to excellent GA lawyers, and can refer you to them.
  • We only consider catastrophic injury and death cases from other states, and some states do not allow outside lawyers to get involved. So we consider cases from other states on a case-by-case basis. When we can’t get involved, in catastrophic injury cases, we are members of groups of experienced personal injury lawyers from around the country. So we often can refer you to an excellent lawyer from another state.


  • We strongly encourage you to read our reviews.
  • You need a lawyer you can trust, who will tell your story.
  • Google has deleted many of our reviews over the years, for unknown reasons. We have those listed on this website, and you can read them here.


  • This is the bad news (we are sorry).  There are many cases where we cannot help due to restrictive Florida laws.  Florida has, over the years, passed more and more anti-consumer laws. 
  • This is especially true in medical malpractice and slip and fall cases.  So we have to decline a very high percentage of those cases, with regret. We are passionately opposed to those laws. But we can’t change them, which sometimes means we cannot accept those cases (because we know the law makes recovery extremely difficult or impossible). 
  • Regarding auto accident cases, if you are injured, usually the limits on your potential financial recovery are insurance policy coverage amounts (minus our fees, costs, and your medical bills). 
  • Florida does not require Florida drivers to carry any amount of bodily injury insurance coverage (which is the coverage that pays you if someone else hurt you in an accident — unless you have uninsured motorist coverage).  That means that we can’t help, or can’t help enough, if there is limited or no insurance coverage available.  But many drivers purchase more coverage than they are required to have by law.  And commercial and semi-trucks, and Uber or Lyft accidents, have much higher coverage.  Regardless, insurance coverage amounts are among the first things we check in any auto accident case.
  • Cases we generally do not handle:
    • medical malpractice without totally catastrophic injuries, or death (the reason is Florida medical malpractice laws are too restrictive; this is not about our preference).
    • slip and fall cases without some clear and obvious danger that caused your fall (that is, fault on the part of the landowner) and injuries that required surgery (again, Florida laws are too restrictive).
    • auto accident cases without injuries.
    • auto accident cases where you were ticketed or the police concluded that you were at fault, in the police report (unless your injuries are catastrophic, in which case, even if you received a ticket, we can try to prove that the other driver shared fault, and still recover a lot of money in those cases if there is enough insurance money).
    • any accident cases without significant physical injuries (emotional injuries are not enough).
    • most cases where the injuries or accident happened too long ago, because there are legal and practical deadlines.
    • cases where you initially hired another lawyer, and they have performed too much work for you to fire them without owing them money, because we can’t recover enough money for you to pay two law firms in that scenario.
    • cases where you initially hired another lawyer, but they withdrew from representing you.
    • most cases from other states, although we are licensed in Georgia, and occasionally handle catastrophic cases from other states, such as semi-truck accident cases.
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About the Author:

Tina Willis is a serious injury, accident & death lawyer, based in Orlando, Florida, although she accepts cases throughout the states of Florida and Georgia. Ms. Willis has won many prestigious industry awards, best personal injury & car accident lawyer awards, and recovered multi-millions for her clients. She was formerly a law professor, and graduated second in her law school class back in 1997. She formerly worked for some of the largest defense firms in the country, often on multi-million dollar cases. She used to represent large corporations & insurance companies, so she knows their playbook. We are very focused on the highest quality client service, and maximizing the value of every case we handle. We vigorously prosecute serious injury and death cases caused by auto accidents, semi-truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, products & premises liability cases, as well as medical malpractice.
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