McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case: What Were The Real Facts? And Do They Support Tort Reform?

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McDonalds Hot Coffee Case

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Way back in February of 1992, an elderly woman named Stella Liebeck burned herself on McDonald’s hot coffee while holding the cup between her legs when she was driving, which was a highly offensive form of jackpot justice. She was the undeserving recipient of the most outrageous variety of lawsuit lottery winnings the country had ever seen. Or at least that’s the wholly incorrect version many “consumer” or “citizens” groups (which are often big business groups in disguise), mainstream media, stand-up comics, and even some Republican Congressmen over the years would have you believe.

Hot Coffee Led To An Erosion Of Civil Justice Like Our Country Has Never Seen Before

But that’s just not what happened. The ongoing tragedy is that completely false facts about the McDonald’s hot coffee case have driven and inspired tort “reform” efforts over the last 20 years. These so-called reforms have increasingly prevented average Americans from bringing lawsuits when a corporation or negligent person has harmed them, their children or their loved ones.

So What Really Happened In The Hot Coffee Case?

investigate real facts of hot coffee caseAs an Orlando personal injury attorney, if someone called me with the same set of facts today, I would jump to pursue a claim against McDonald’s. Ms. Liebeck was entirely reasonable from the beginning. According to media reports, she sent McDonald’s a letter asking that they pay her medical bills (which media reports indicate were around 10K when she wrote the letter for a week in the hospital and serious burn injury treatment). Yet, again according to news reports, McDonald’s refused to be reasonable (they offered her a whopping $800 to settle the case). According to various media reports, as well as Ms. Liebeck’s attorney, these were the true facts of the case:

• Ms. Liebeck was a passenger in her grandson’s car when they drove through the McDonald’s drive-through, then parked the car so that she could put sugar and cream in her coffee.

• While wearing sweat pants, she held the coffee in between her legs so that she could remove the lid. There were no cup holders or level surfaces in the vehicle.

• After she removed the lid, the 180 to 190 degree Fahrenheit coffee spilled in between her legs, which the sweat pants held near her skin for an extended period. McDonald’s operations manual required their franchisees to keep the coffee at that temperature.

Coffee at that temperature, if spilled onto the skin, causes third-degree burns in 2 to 7 seconds.

burn injury lawsuitsThird degree burn injuries will not heal without skin grafting (removing skin from one area of the body to surgically place over the burned area), debridement (surgical removal of dead, damaged, or infected skin tissue), and whirlpool treatments. These types of burn injuries often lead to permanent disfigurement, along with extreme pain for an extended period. Burn injuries and the excruciating treatment are widely recognized as some of the worst and most painful of any bodily injury. Photos of Ms. Liebeck’s burn injuries.

• In the McDonald’s case, well-respected and leading burn injury experts testified that the risk of burn injury harm was unacceptably high.

• Amazingly, McDonald’s admitted that it knew about the risk of serious harm for more than 10 years and had received over 700 complaints about burns over that period, including many severe burns in the genital, perineum, inner thigh and buttock area, and some injuries to children and infants.

• McDonald’s witnesses admitted that consumers did not understand the nature and extent of the risk. They also admitted that they did not warn customers about those aspects of the risk.

Really amazingly, McDonald’s witnesses testified that they did not intend to turn down the heat.

• McDonald’s witnesses admitted that their coffee was not fit for consumption.

Why Was This So Bad?

I’ve had some people tell me they believe Ms. Liebeck was to blame for various reasons, including that she should have expected hot coffee to spill and possibly burn, she had a car that didn’t have cup holders, she was wearing sweat pants, and some people have even said that she was too blame because she was more frail, since she was older (meaning: the injuries would have been less severe in a younger person). But the law requires corporations to behave in a reasonable manner (when plaintiffs sue a corporation, the jury must decide whether the corporate representatives behaved as a reasonable person when making corporate decisions). In the McDonald’s case, as a mega corporation serving millions of customers daily by drive-through service, if behaving in a reasonable manner as required by law, McDonald’s should anticipate serving customers driving all types of vehicles. Additionally, McDonald’s should anticipate that some people will be wearing clothing that might hold hot beverages near their skin. The corporation also takes any plaintiff as they find her. (This is called the “egg shell plaintiff” rule.) In other words, saying that someone was more hurt because they are sickly or old simply is not a defense. Our legal system does not blame old people for being old, for example. Rather, the law requires corporations to provide safe products and service for everyone.

What Amount Did The Jury Award In Damages And Why?

Before trial, according to news reports, Ms. Liebeck offered to settle the case for $20,000. But what damages did the jury award and why? I explain the financial outcome of this case, along with why I strongly believe the monetary award was reasonable and actually low, in Part II of this article.


This facts explained in this article about the McDonald’s Hot Coffee case were taken from news reports.

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